Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Mugwhump Has Returned

Minnie and Mickie say "Hi!"

We got back to the land of reality late on Saturday night. Today is my first day back to work. I have so much to share with you, but am neck deep in finding my desk again.

I promise to do a proper update very soon.

Believe it or not - I missed you all very much.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Watching the Clock

Today - I'm watching the clock. Something my cover letters and resumes say I never do. Today, I exempt myself!

At present it's 2:19pm on a Friday afternoon. In two hours and 41 minutes I will be on holidays. Twenty-four hours from this time I will be boarding a plane in Vancouver bound for LAX where we will hurry up and wait until 10:30pm for the final leg to Orlando.

You'd think I'd be welling up with excitement and joy. And I should be! But all I feel is exhaustion, and an overwhelming sense of "what haven't we thought about?".

It's all good. Once I get on that first plane tomorrow I will be visually and verbally giddy. I can feel it building.

A fellow co-worker - who is an ultimate fan of Walt Disney World - even brought in and wore his one mouse ears for me today - just to get me in the right frame of mind. And he, like all past visitors to anything Disney - is full of advice of all the must sees. It's amazing to me how excited other people get when they hear that you're traveling to Disney. I've had total strangers give me instructions.

I called the credit card company to tell them that we'll be traveling and the moment that "Dave" heard my destination was Orlando, he cut me short and said "you're going to DisneyWorld aren't you? You've GOT to go to DisneyWorld!" Once I affirmed his dreams I spent the next 10 minutes listening to him pontificate on all the stops that can't be missed and why didn't I forget taking my husband and take "Dave" instead!

"Dave" is a total stranger to me, yet somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that in some office space in Winnipeg "Dave" will be day dreaming about a credit card customer who's at the happiest place on earth - where he'd rather be.

What is it about Disney that brings this out in people.

Anyway - it is now 2:50pm. I have one hour and forty minutes left in my day, and there are just some things I need to accomplish here before I put the key in my office door lock for the last time until the 28th.

The next time I write it will be with mouse ears on!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playing Catch Up and Dreaming

What a duzey of a month behind us, and I sure knew when October 1st hit. But it's already the 8th. What happened?

People don't believe me (least of all new staff members) that when September 1st hits you start running and don't stop. I've lost count of the times our new receptionist has told me recently that she had 'no idea it would be like this ....' her voice trailing off, and a deer caught in the headlights look in her eyes.

I'm happy to report that the sparkle is returning, and the glazed over tired look has come over mine. But it's all good. I'm on holidays starting Saturday for the next two weeks. I'm on tidy up mode, and what info do I need to pass on mind-set. I've been busy today and can finally see the Spongebob Squarepants place mat that I keep on my desk. A joyous yellow smile to behold.

I've also been checking the weather in Orlando on a daily basis, and although it looks like we're heading into rain and thunderstorms (yay! I love to watch lightning) the average temperature has been in the 80's. So what if we get wet. It still beats the Winnie-the-Pooh blustery days we've been having here!

Three more sleeps and one long plane ride .....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seriously Folks

If you are in need of some levity you have got to visit Yearbook Yourself. And have a photo of yourself ready. This should amuse your for a little while.

I brightened up my day and scared the heck out of me too. This picture came out way to close for comfort (circa 1980). The only difference being I didn't wear glasses yet, and my perm was a little longer.

On another note - it's October already! I have 10 more sleeps to go and I'm on holidays!