Monday, March 30, 2009

A Product of Too Much TV

I have always been one to have wild, technicolour dreams - and for the most part - there's nary a bad one in the bunch.

Over the weekend I had just the TV comedy/drama everyone likes to see. For starters Alec Baldwin was my father, and he and his second wife were living next door to the house I was living in. He'd bought the house I was living in, and shared with my twin brother. (In real life I don't have a twin brother). Our mother had passed away at an indeterminate time, and under indeterminate reasons, along with all that deep background information you innately know when you're dreaming.

My father (Alex Baldwin - who in reality is only three years older than me, but for some reason he was older and I was much much younger than our actual ages) had talked me into having a dinner party for people he'd like me to cook for - my brother and his girlfriend, Dad and Mrs. #2, two other people who I didn't know, and a mysterious date for me.

Dad was trying to hook me up with a business associate, and little did I know - until the gentleman arrived at the door - that the young, eligible, stinking rich, bachelor was in a wheel chair.

The dinner party itself went fine, although I remember feeling like I was being pushed into something with Nick (said wheelchair date), but he was quite comfortable with whole experience. We were all acting like one big happy family - with Alec Baldwin holding court.

Later in the dream it was revealed that Nick was not in fact a paraplegic, but had had a serious accident and was only chair-bound in the short term until his rehab kicked in. I was being tested to see if I had prejudices again handi-capable people. All of this was not revealed to me until after many subsequent dates, and assurances of our mutual affections.

Then I woke up.

Now tell me .... could you write a better 'made-for-tv'movie or what?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Addictions and me

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slightly "addiction prone" personality? The object of my addictions sways and varies with the seasons, but I'm generally addicted to something for periods of time.

Don't be to concerned, as its not drugs or booze or something life threatening. No, its generally something small and relatively harmless - like knitting, a particular video game, reading, sudoku ... you know .... completely harmless.

Recently I've taken much comfort from something I have on my personalized Google homepage. I call him Shaun, and he's a sheep.

Shaun never complains, and is quite happy to graze in his 3x3 inch plot of cyber pasture. He comes with a couple of extra 'tools' of clover or hay, that I can feed him. And if you click your mouse over his wee happy head he bleats, or sometimes he closes his eye's and little hearts float up from his head.

I find spending time with Shaun can be very relaxing. This week in particular Shaun has calmed the chaos that has unfolded around here. Work was very fractured, which is more than I can say for the 16" municipal water main that exploded at the top of our street. The ensuing mini-sunami (above and below ground) sent many pounds of water under pressure into the sewer lines and up into basements several homes on this street - including the church where I work. You would not believe the domino affect of things that occur when something like this happens. We've had more trades people and municipality people through the portals of this building than I've ever seen on any given Sunday.

Thankfully, our little house next door was not affected due to us not having a basement.

So you see, dear friends, what kind of zen moment Shaun the sheep has been able to give me in the midst of it all. Thank you Google.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

47 thinking 37

Today is my birthday, and my head is thick and heavy with a sinus cold. Sucks to be sick on your birthday. That said, I am doing better than I have over the last couple of days.

I am determined, however, to go out and enjoy a fine meal tonight. I'm just praying my taste buds kick in before 6pm. Nothing has tasted quite right lately.

My husband is NOT a planner, so 'celebrating' birthdays is rather lost on him. I've had 7 years to train him otherwise, but to no avail. I can only mention Carrot Cake and Flowers in so many sentences ....

He explains his lack of planning/anticipation/excitement for celebrations on the fact that his birthdays got glossed over as a kid. He's a May baby boxed in there between Mother's Day and his Mother's birthday, so he approaches them with a blase detachment, even his own. I on the other hand want to make the most of it. Is it selfish that for one day of the year I want to celebrate "me"?

I'm not sure if its because I'm not feeling 100% this year, but today of all days - I miss my mom. She's been gone now for over two and a half years. And its not that we were close (far from it), but I long to hear her voice today of all days. Even if her conversation gets no deeper than the weather and who's died recently.

Birthdays are good, and I will celebrate me (turning 47) in some special way.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rants R Us

I have been lapse in writing for fear of it turning into a rant. Unfortunately - the weather has forced me to vent my frustration somewhere. No one at work wants to hear about it!

It's March and we've just got hit with a pseudo blizzard. I say 'pseudo' because if you live ANYWHERE else but Victoria you'd call it a light, late powdering. But here in Victoria .... it was a minor blizzard - accidents galore, children being kept home from school, and church employees who would rather be at home curled up on their couches (reading a really good book I can't seem to put down)

And I dislike it intensley!!! The snow that is.

Snow during any part of the winter is wrong, but big flaky white stuff in March is wrong on so many levels. This is what we woke up to this morning, and it only just slowed down at lunch time. Combine that with the wind - and you'd think we were living in Alberta! Or anywhere else except the paradise of West Coast Canada.

My second rant for one posting is ..... the time change from this past weekend. Why oh why do we have to change our clocks and hour forward in the spring, and an hour backward in the fall. We (Canada) are only a small hand-full of countries in the world that follows "Day Light Savings Time", and it screws me up every change. Energy saving ... my butt!

Nuf said!