Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wrong on SOOO Many levels

I woke up to MORE snowing, and continued snowing.

It's April people!!

This is Victoria people!

Doesn't the weather elf realize we have reputation to uphold?

We have a freaking "Flower Count" in February for goodness sake.

The Canadian jokes is that we mow our lawns and Christmas day, and when everyone else is using their snowblowers to clear out their driveways of snow, we're using the same thing to push blossoms off the street.

This is just so wrong on so many levels.

On the positive side - - I will not be able to go anywhere today, and I can craft craft craft!!!


linds said...

Tons more snow on our end over here too!!! :(

Christine said...

UGH!! I like snow, but it's the middle of Spring! Sending some Sunny Arizona sunshine to you LJ!!

My husband's so funny, he's been talking about moving farther north, because of his Diabetes he doesn't think he can take another AZ summer, so he was looking at Alaska. I don't know if I could move that far north, I was thinking more of Colorado. AnyWhoo,I am glad your MIL is doing much better.

What craft are you working on?