Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm on holdiays. I'm on holidays!!!!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Addicted to Blogging?

60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Thanks Firemind! That was interesting.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Learn something new every day

Some wonderful volunteers were at the church today to do some trimming and cutting back on the trees. While they were cutting down a tree beside our house they came across this:

I've been walking past this beauty since its inception for who knows how longs. A mere 4 feet away, and I didn't know it.

It and all its kin are gone now. You can relax, I didn't get stung, and neither will anyone else.

On the other side of the house is this wonderful smelling thing (Star Gazer Lily). This is pretty much the only one on 7 stalks that the @*&#$% deer didn't eat. Why can't the silly deer eat the trees that the wasp nest was in .....

Ah .... the many wonders that God has built!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Am I the only one?

Is it just me or have you ever noticed that people act a little odd when it comes to purchasing or discussing toilet paper? I admit that I’m one of the strange ones, but for some reason I notice that people always seem to try to hide the fact that they’re carrying a great honking plastic wrapped 24 pack of private parts tissue to the till.

We were out shopping at the local everything emporium a while back and there was a good sale on the mighty rolls of tiny squares. One must always buy in bulk when specialized bathroom items are on sale. And while standing in the line up for the till I noticed that the lady behind me was purchasing a different brand, so I commented.

“Do you like that brand X of T.P.?” I said.

“Why yes we do. I don’t like Brand Q because the rolls look like they have such little substance to them.” She replied quite brightly.

“Well,” I said “the rolls that you have with brand X there certainly are larger … bulkier. But is it soft?”

This is where the woman became a little less responsive to my inquiries. She nodded gamely ‘yes’ with slight apprehension and I pushed on.

“How much do you go through in a day?” I asked, as I mentally did a tally of the approximate – one roll per day – in my head for our household of two.

But I could tell that I had treaded into the forbidden zone, and she no longer wanted to talk about such private matters.

What’s the deal with that? Everyone goes to the bathroom. Everyone uses bathroom tissue. Maybe men use a little less, but that’s based on a simple technicality. If I could stand up and pee and jiggle I probably would use less T.P. too!

Why are we so embarrassed about something that everyone does, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

Nuff’ said. What’s your take on buying bathroom tissue? What’s your taboo topic?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's Feast

Name a funny habit you have.
“Funny” habit …. ? I don’t have no schtinking ‘funny habit’!! Oh, well maybe except for my inability to express my sarcasm on paper (per se). My husband, on the other hand would say that my habit of pulling out all the advertisement cards from new magazines, would be one of my funny habits. I hate those things; they totally ruin a good flip-through.

If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?
Flute – I wanted to learn how to play the flute back in elementary school. And then when I was old enough to play in band I didn’t have the right marks to qualify for the snooty band class for the smart kids. Do I sound bitter?

How long is your hair?
A little passed my shoulders. I’d kind of like to keep it shorter because as I’m getting older my hair seems to be taking on an unruly mind of its own. But the hubby likes long hair. So I’ve acquiesced and told him that if I must have long hair, then he must take the time to run his hands through it – or else!

Main Course
When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?
Tough question, but one I am in fact struggling my way through in counseling. I have a long list of people I need to forgive, and at the top of that list would be “me”. Does that count?

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
Coffee maker – essential instrument to brew the elixir of life.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kites and Cancer

Saturday afternoon saw me tapping into my inner child - I got out there and flew my Spongebob Squarepants kite, and had a Charlie Brown incident. Thankfully I rescued my kite from the evil clutches of the tree.

But, oh boy, did flying my kite feel good, and carefree.

I got old again on Wednesday afternoon when I was called by (another) girlfriend to say that her mother had just passed away. Margot's mom was only diagnosed with (inoperable) cancer two weeks ago. Margot herself is a cancer survivor (almost 5 years), and her dad passed away around 10 years ago of stomach cancer.

I think I liked it better when I felt good and carefree.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy mischief in an age of fast faith

Today at work we received one of our many subscription magazines. This one is a little different than most – “Geez Magazine – holy mischief in an age of fast faith” (Summer 2007 edition). It’s very present day generation of faith and church, but in particular I found this article (I use the term lightly) very interesting.

Paradigm* Stabilizers
1) Keep Busy
2) Keep moving; travel as much as possible, and when you do, find familiar restaurants.
3) Find the most efficient route to work, to school. Then don’t stray from the patterns.
4) Mingle with like-minded people; void cross-cultural, inter-racial, trans-class encounters.
5) Make smart financial decisions; consider market forces natural.
6) Don’t do anything foolish; avoid awkward situations; avoid danger. Get various alarm systems.
7) Avoid people who talk to themselves.
8) Think nasty thoughts about SUV drivers.
9) Watch TV, movies; migrate to four-cornered screens of any kind.
10) Like the average North American, spend 90 percent of your time indoors.

Paradigm* Shifters
1) Allow yourself to be thoroughly, extraordinarily, radically bored. Resist the regular hustle of daily life. Who knows what you might learn.
2) Play with children; dream with the elderly.
3) Write a poem; learn a new craft or art form; resist the temptation to compare your work with others, especially with stuff in stores and galleries.
4) Go dumpster diving or second-hand shopping; see old as new. Better yet, reverse the exercise; bring items back to the thrift store.
5) Clean up after others the next time you use a public bathroom. Taste the humility in the process. Brag about this to friends; just kidding, monitor your self-righteousness.
6) Talk differently. Maybe slow down your phraseology. Or insert the words “like” and “totally” several times in a sentence; pay attention to how that makes you feel.
7) Study history.
8) Forgo the trip to a less-industrialized country. Meet new immigrants from that region; listen to their stories, assist as needed. Or, hand out with marginalized people in your community.
9) Pick up a book by an author with whom you strongly disagree and read it with interest.
10) Visit a church from a strange denomination. Better yet, visit a new faith (or no-faith) group and embrace difference.
11) Shave your head. Wear the same clothes for four days straight. Or keep the store-tag on your shirt if you buy one new.
12) Watch your TV for 15 minutes with it turned off. Read only words written by women. Eat from another person’s plate in a restaurant.
13) Put your fork down between every single bite and really eat.
14) The next time a telephone solicitor calls, veer from the script. Aim to humanize the encounter, ask him where his office is located; ask her what the weather’s like there.
15) When a clerk or sales rep hands you a savings coupon, hand it back and say, “Oh, I don’t need that, I have too much money already.”


Which side do you fit on?

I think I’m a combination of both …. What does that make me?

<*Paradigm - A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.>

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daisy Doo-Doo

Saturday morning - three pee spots and one hunka-hunka ..... (yuk)

This morning!!! Nothing, Nada, Zilch~!!

Mayhap we've turned another corner!!! Yay Daisy!!!

I just thought I'd share the small blessings I've experienced on this otherwise overcast morning!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's (late) Feast

Fill in the blank: The best thing about where I live is _________________…

The Ocean, the mountains, the weather, its an island, the ocean, the mountains, the weather!!!

Create a new name for a deodorant (like “Flower Fresh” or “Shower Scent”

Hewn Courtyard (aka cut grass), Hopes End (aka Cedar Chest),

I’m not having a creative day

What was the last piece of software you installed onto your computer?

“1800 Games For Your PC”

Main Course
If you were to receive a superlative award today beginning with the words ”Most likely to…”, what would the rest of the phrase say?

“…Not know a Superlative to Describe Herself”

What two colors do you like to wear together?

Green and brown


I’m sure you can tell that it’s late on a Friday after a long week. I’m tired and a woman of few words. We should start “Saturday Breakfasts”. I’d be in a far better space.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Making a Daisy chain would be easier

It serves me right. What did I expect by getting something from a website called “UsedVictoria”?

A free lunch is never really free.

A free cat never comes without a price.

I have never had as much problem integrating a new cat into my home until Daisy. Oh, she’s putting on weight, and becoming more accustomed to us and so-so with Digit, although she won’t come out of her room. She’s very good, albeit too good with using the litter (the garbage man is going to charge us extra for going over the weight limit), but for the last three nights …. she’s peed on the bed. NOT on the blanket that she has chosen for herself, but on any portion not covered by said blanket, and only once per night. Otherwise she’s very good at using her litter.

I have no idea what’s up with her. I’m very tired and just want to throttle her. No need to worry – I won’t do her harm. But I don’t know how to get ahead of this.

I’ve integrated 3 or 4 cats in my 20+ years as a pet owning adult, and never have I second-guessed myself so much. I’m afraid of taking her to our vet because: 1) she’s only just beginning to stop hissing and hiding, and 2) it’s going to cost big $$’s.

What’s a cat lovin’ person to do? Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One step forward, two steps back

I feel like life is “one step forward, two steps back” these days. And that pretty much goes for all aspects of my (and hubby’s) life. But I’m not complaining. Things could be far worse. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

First off – Daisy – She seems to be settling in. Very slowly. It’s been a week tonight, and she’s much better now that a week ago. She’s letting us pet her, and she even began to purr for us on the weekend. I think this is a huge stride. However, she drinks inordinate amounts of water, and urinates it out just as fast. For the most part she’s been very good with the litter box. That is, until this morning. I found a circular wet spot on the bed approximately two feet in diameter. Twenty-four inches. I don’t even think I can pee that much water!

I think she was a little miffed at us because we closed the door on her room last night. I did it for her, because our other cat Digit just won’t let Daisy alone, and I wanted to give Daisy a break. The really weird thing about the pee spot is that is has NO smell, absolutely not one whiff of odor. Which only makes me think that her kidneys aren’t filtering.

She is, however, getting some meat on her bones. This I do find encouraging.

On other fronts – I was off to see my Psychologist yesterday. I’ve been seeing her since February now, and although it’s more like “one step forward, another step forward, 1/2 a step back”, it is slow and steady progress. She knows how to ask difficult questions, and she knows how to make me think about things. I only wish that there was a simple “be healed” pill that I could take (Who wouldn’t). After 20 years of walking with the Lord, I have yet to truly grasp “freedom in Christ”. It is such a difficult concept for me. I seem hell-bent (excuse the pun) on holding on tight to issues that are basically harmful to my well being. I’m afraid to let go and let God. I’m afraid that He won’t step into the negative hole that a bad issue will leave behind if I let go. How silly is that!? But, oh so hard to do.

My homework over the next two weeks (without pressure) is to ask myself “What am I ‘willing’ to give up?” Seems like a simple enough task, but old, deeply imbedded wounds feel more comfortable than the unknown. This is where I really need God to meet me.

All these things are tied into my whacked out sleeping patterns. For weeks I couldn’t sleep fitfully through a night, and now all I want to do is sleep, and am constantly tired. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, read for just a few minutes, and then turn comatose for the night. While in those deep REM hours I have the wildest dreams. For four nights in a row I dreamt about large family reunions, surrounded by lots and lots of people. The so-called ‘family’ were easily named off, but were not the actually people in my waking life. What’s the deal with that?

For the most part, all I wanted to do during those dreams is find a quiet corner and have 5 minutes to myself. But someone would always find me.

Busy, busy, exhausting dreams – that’s my night life these days.

I’m not wanting to come off as a complainer. I realize there is so much more out there. Bigger hardships. I need only to read Pilot Mom’s entries to know that I’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about. Please pray for her and her husband Pilot Dad. They’ve got a lot on their plate right now. Drop her a note of encouragement if you can and are willing.

So – take a moment today (as I will too) and stop and smell the flowers, or watch a laughing child. There is much good in the world. There is much glory to be given to God - for He is worthy of our praise and devotion. Amen

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Patience is a virtue

Daisy is coming along. She actually purred for me last night. I was so excited. Funny how small things amuse us.

For a while there I was seriously considering renaming Daisy to "Hiss-n-spit-n-bite", but I'm not thinking like that any more.

Our girl Digit is so very curious and well behaved around Daisy. She just wants to be friends with Daisy, but Daisy's not quite ready.

I'm feeling very encouraged, after feeling like I'd made the wrong decision. Daisy is still very skinny, but both hubby and I have noticed that since we've been able to pet her she's taking better care of herself.

All very good signs.

Well, its Saturday morning and its raining - which is kind of a good thing. We still need the rain, and when it rains it encourages me to stay home and be domestic. But on the flip-side - the sun brings out the adventurer in me and I want to feel its warmth on my face.


Thanks to Violet for leaving me a note. I seem to have lost many of my D-land friends in my move over here. I was very honoured and pleased to see you found me.

Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

24 Hours of Daisy

Daisy has been with us now for 24 hours. I still have grave concerns about the condition of her health, but she is slowly acclimatizing.

Here she is:

Don't be decieved by that calm, relaxed looking demeanor. All the while I was taking this shot, there were loud, fearsome growls coming from that wee body.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rescue Mission?

Well, Daisy has been brought over. There's been a lot of hissing and deep growling going on. But my bigger concern is that I may have stepped into a rescue situation.

It was a very young couple who dropped Daisy off, and they have an absolutely beautiful 6 month old baby boy (one of the reasons they were getting rid of Daisy).

I ushered Daisy off to our spare room, and closed the door behind. I then spent a few minutes talking to the couple about Daisy. The young man said that Daisy had been given a clean bill of health and was prone to over eating. As well she was strictly an indoor cat.

But I've got to tell you - - the cat that I let out of the carrier was far from over fed, and looked like she'd spent more time in the barn than in a house.

I don't know these people, and I don't know their circumstances. So I cannot and will not make a judgement call. My heart goes out to Daisy, and I pray that we can put some meat on her, and that she'll learn to accept us and even maybe like us. I doubt that will be happening within the next 24 hours.

Here's where my patience will need to be tested, and have the faith that I did the right thing.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Blessed Silly

I’m (almost) embarrassed to admit this, but .... I’m feeling incredibly spoiled. I say 'almost' because obviously I'm not embarrassed enough not to write about it. Anyway, I digress.

1) We had F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C weather this weekend. The sun shone bright and hot to a high of 27 degrees Celsius (or mid 80’s F) . Such a welcome change from cold and overcast.

2) We (hubby and me) spent the remainder of the “fun” money I set aside from my mom’s estate. (It wasn’t much to begin with, but we invested most of it, with a little “fun” money left over). I’ve hunted, and hunted, and hunted, but never made it to the stores on time for a specific item. Until a casual visit to a games store to look for something else completely different yielded my treasure – A Nintendo Wii Game Console. Virtually unobtainable in Canada., they fly off the shelves faster than they can get them in.

I suppose that out of all of my points stated today, this particular ‘point’ has me feeling the most spoiled and embarrassed. It seems like such a frivolous purchase, but it bring so much laughter and silliness into our home – how can that be wrong. It just goes to show me that sometimes I need to think along the “less practical” side, let my hair down and have a little fun. A little ‘Wii’ fun. LOL!

My 3) and final point is that I am 99.9% sure we’re adopting another cat. I will be meeting “Daisy” tomorrow after work, and I’m terribly excited. In my adult life I have always been a two cat household, and for the first year we were married we had three cats. Just a few days short of our 1st anniversary my dear sweet Genny passed away to kitty heaven and the ripe old age of 20. One year, to the day, after that Molson (hubby’s feline) passed away at the age of 21 or 22. These to monoliths of age left a void in our lives that I sorely missed. Left behind was my/our cat Digit, and I’ve had her for over 6 years now. That's her in the picture.

Ever since we had to put Molson down I’ve wanted to get another cat. Not to replace Molson (nothing can do that), but as a companion for Digit. She’s always had another cat around, but hubby wouldn’t even talk about it. He’s never truly stopped grieving Molson, and couldn’t fathom loving another cat.

Well, Molson has been gone for two and a half years now, and recently I’ve been feeling like Digit has been lonely. So I started to some casual looking at our local SPCA website. Heart wrenching!!! Absolutely heart wrenching. I want to adopt every last single of one of them. But at over $100 a pop – that’s not in my wallet, AND my house isn’t big enough!

But this got me to thinking about “other” local adoption agencies, which got me to thinking about classified, which reminded me about a local website call usedVictoria. A classified style website much like Craigslist. Sure enough as I scanned the “pets” sections I found a few cats “free to a good home”.

I thought to myself … “I have a good home”, and “I can afford free”, and promptly sent Daisy’s profile and picture off to my husband with a pleading cry of “please” e-mail signed by Digit. I specifically chose Daisy because she is a short-haired version of Molson. I was willing to try anything to get this show on the road.

After a couple of days he was excited too, and I hope that we become a multiple cat household again as of 4:30 tomorrow night.

I’m so terribly excited, and feel terribly terribly blessed. My inner child is getting fed all over the place.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Photo Contest & Friday Feasting

Thank you to those who played my previous entries “Photo Contest”. The truth behind the picture is that I took it on the ferry on my way home from my Pender trip. I was sitting in my truck while still on the car deck of the ferry. For some reason I leaned my head back and looked through the sun roof, and saw my reflection on the glass as well as the ceiling of the ferry’s car deck. I thought to myself “Self …. that would be a cool photo … I think”, so I took the shot.

These are the kinds of things you find to amuse yourself when you travel on the ferry system on a regular basis.

So as to a clear cut winner – there wasn’t one. You all equally guessed portions of my shot, so you are ALL WINNER’s in my eyes. And for that I continue to give you my blog reading devotion, love and respect.

Here is my Friday’s Feast:

Name something you think is “the best.”
Just last week one of our church community popped in and gave us a fresh home baked “Cheese Bread”. The combination of bread, and cheese (two of my favourite food groups), and garlic/onion/spices was to-die-for. Simply “the best” I have ever had! EVER!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today?
Today …. a Friday after a hectic week – a 5. I’ve done most of my work and tomorrow I can sleep in.

What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face?
Don’t. I don’t like to use anything but warm water on my face.

Main Course
Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.”
Sad to say – romantic dates with my husband. Nuff’ said.

When was the last time it rained where you live?
A week ago. And let me tell you, it’s been a lovely break. I am so thankful that spring/summer has finally arrived. I can only handle so many rainy, overcast days.

Have a most wonderful weekend. Go on a romantic date with your spouse or significant other and remember me fondly :-)