Monday, August 31, 2009

Darn & Blast - Update

Inquiring minds want to know ....

We are a Wii family, and I had found Rock Band 2 Special Edition on sale for $99.

On Sunday I brought the story up with the hubster to see if I should continue my hunt for this game. I tend NOT to like playing any games that require you to keep a beat, and because hubby likes to play air guitar I thought this might be the answer to an anniversary gift.

As it turns out - he was so-so in his response to my find and what had occurred. I have since found the game locally (ToysRUs) for the same sale price, but given his lack-luster response - I'm not sure what to do. I suspect I will leave sleeping dogs lie and try to find something else.

I'm back to square one.

On a side note: Today I'm in an odd mood. Today is the 3rd anniversary of my mother's passing. We weren't terribly close, but she was my mom. On the other hand - I'm missing the memorial service of a friend who lost his battle to cancer last week. I seriously don't know how to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed today. And that's just the way it is.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Drats and Blast - I Am Defeated!

I canz have patience - when for the right reasons - and I canz have it now!

And I have had patience, while waiting for the arrival of an anniversary gift for my husband. Our 7th wedding anniversary is next month, and I found and ordered earlier this month (with oodles of time to spare) something that I knew would be pleasing to his particular tastes.

However, this morning I got the dreaded email stated "We are sorry, but we are unable fill your order this time. We will be canceling order #blah-blah-blah."

Thank you very much - once again!

Now what am I going to do? Don't they know how hard it is to please this man? Don't they know that the ideal gift doesn't just fall out of the sky -like I thought it had. Well - Darn and Blast you Amazon! This is the second time in two months that you've disappointed me with your lack of ability to follow through with your sales.

Oh how my Friday is now angst ridden.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Everyone Needs A Little Bit Of Romance

Have you ever wanted to fall into a book that you were reading? Have you ever been so deeply engrossed with the story that you wanted to dive in a meet and interact with the characters? Have you ever wanted to switch places with the heroine so that you could have the hero all to yourself?

This last question probably only holds true for the female readers.

I used to (in high school) love reading Regency Romances. Novels by Barbara Cartland or Georgette Heyer, light hearted innocent love stories set in the Georgian or Regency period of England. Georgette Heyer fashioned her novels after that of Jane Austen's.

I must admit I have never read and of the works of Jane Austen or even the Bronte sisters, but I absolutely adore any movies that are produced now. Dare I say - I own "Pride and Prejudice" with Kiera Knightly, and have watched it a number of cold rainy afternoons - just to warmed the cockles-of-my-heart.

Which leads me to my entry today. Last Thursday evening I settled into our spare room to watch a little non-violet, no guns TV, when I surfed into program that caught my eye right off. At first blush it looked like a period piece movie, and the names "Darcy" and "Bingley" were being bantered about. But wait! There was a woman, who was in the right costuming, but here hair was all wrong. It was a modern straight hair style, surrounded by other women with fancy, twirly updo's.

"What gives?" I asked myself.

What gives was that I was drawn into the middle of a UK mini-series called "Lost In Austen". The story was about a women (Amanda Price) who quite literally tumbled through an unknown door and into the Bennett household in Pride and Prejudice, exchanging places with her favourite literary character "Elizabeth Bennett". Except this modern girl thrown into a less than modern world was really screwing up with the beloved story lines, and you had to find out how she corrected her follies.

At the closing of the program it flashed across the screen "To Be Continued". I was hooked, I had to find the rest of the episodes and how I could get my hands on them. It's pretty much how I spent my weekend - and successfully too.

If you are a Jane Austen fan, or even like just a little romance in your life you MUST find and watch this mini-series. It was wonderful. It is not officially on my Christmas wish list - if I can wait that long.

And don't worry - if you are a die hard Austen fan and afraid of someone mucking with the classic story - be not afraid. It has a lovely ending.

Go ..... Now ..... Run .... find it and watch it!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer / Fall / Card Making Confusion


I know we still have a month left until "Autumn" officially arrives, but my life and work schedule are already gearing up and well into it.

On a positive summer note - it's been lovely and warm here and I've taken to sleeping outside on the back deck again (house is a little too warm). I'm lovin' it! I've got my sleeping bag, pillows, and I've even put a light out there so I can read. Ear plugs firmly squished into the ears to keep out the street noise, and half a sleeping pill to make sure I cross-over to lala-land. Wonderful!!

Last evening the wind picked up a little bit, so I didn't feel like sitting outside. I did kinda-sorta feel like working on some of my paper crafts. I received a new stamp set this week and was quite excited to try it out.

Sometimes I like to work a card out completely in my head before I begin to put it to paper (no pun intended - I hate puns). Most of the time this process works out, but sometimes - like last night - its a complete FAIL! Or near fail, more aptly. And I hate that when that happens. I get so excited at the pictures that are developing in my head, and its a fantastic feeling when everything comes together and works - on paper. When it doesn't - then I get mildly depressed, and have to step away from it for a day or two. Rethink, re-evaluate, re-make.

Do you think I put a little too much pressure on myself?? Yes, I probably do. I suppose that comes out of loving my hobby, but also wanting to make it the very best that I can.

I was once asked, at work, if I could just pop home and grab a card that could be given to an employee who was leaving staff. I was a little quizzicalled by the request, and asked the person asking me, if they thought I had a store house of cards just waiting for the right occasion. He thought I did.

My card making - for the most part - is usually pretty personalized. I think about the person I make the cards for and try to stylize something around them. This especially applies to men, because men are the hardest to 'create' for. Feminine cards are easy, masculine cards can be brutal.

But I'm digressing. I've covered a lot of topics today. Which is strange because I didn't think I had anything to say and I've been dragging my heels all week. Alas.

If you've actually made it through the entire entry and read almost every word - I thank you. For those that I lost along the way - I'm sorry, but you'll never know it because you didn't read to the end.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time Wasters

Ok, ok already! This is my forth attempt at an entry. All previous three have ended up in the bin.

So instead, I'll tell ya something special in the form of art.

May I present ... one of the reasons I have sleep deprived, disturbed, disrupted nights - our cat Pirate. Who chillaxe's all day so he can keep us up at night.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Night Vision

In juxtaposition to last week - I can't get warm this week. My fingers are like little icicles. Thank heavens when it comes to typing they have deeply ingrained memory and automatically reach for the needed keys.

I only wish that 'deeply ingrained memory' reached out into the late hours of the night, once the lights are off and the eye lids closed. It's at that precious time of day when my brain does the best writing, only without the cohesiveness to write down said brilliance for blogdom on tangible paper with tangible pen. Alas, these thoughts are lost to me come the light of day.

Seriously folks, I come up with the best prose when I'm least able to attend to them. Last night while I was trying to calm the brain and fall asleep I was mentally writing a future blog entry about my lesser spoken of cat "Digit". The composition was coming together for me in a way that it never does during the light of day, and I was not about to turn on the light to jot down ideas that would make no sense to me in the morning. I even said as much to my inner self as I lay there.

I do that alot, have conversations with my inner self, and sometimes the words reach to my out ears - and anyone withing hearing range. Not always a good move.

I digress .....

I think I may have to invest in a little recording device, so that I can just reach over to my bedside table, click the "on" button and blather away my thoughts, aspirations, and grocery lists. Who knows? I could become the next great Canadian Poet laureate!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return to ..... Normal?

Balance has been restored to the universe - the heat wave has broken (temperature is around 19C / 66F) and I've returned to work after 10 days off.

Against my better judgment I got out of bed this morning. Let me tell you - it was difficult. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up several times in fact. Between one of our cats wanting to cuddle (kneading with claws, and wet nose to my neck), and the husband less than gentle breathing - I kept waking up. And each time I woke up I kept thinking about having to come back to work today.

No, it wasn't a fun night at all. Tonight will be different. A guarantee (and a sleeping pill) I can assure you.

My 10 days off were lovely actually. Heat wave aside - it was a nice time to be off. I was able to get away for a couple of days - a change is almost always as good as a rest. And when I returned home I got to pretend camp and sleep on our back deck. The only thing missing was a camp fire. But with an all open fire ban on, I settled for bringing a lamp outside to read by. Lovely, simply lovely. The raccoons didn't even give me a double look.

I tried to get creative during the day to find ways to stay cool, but not spend money (or at least as little as possible). My first plan of action was to take the bus to the mall. But darned if most of the stores in that mall don't have sales on!! I generally can't pass up on a "Sale". Thankfully, I found nothing on sale that was worth my time. I did, however, purchase a new Wii Game (Wii Resort).... I was on holiday's. I had to live a little! Didn't I?

So I am sorry to report I have no wild stories to thrill and entertain you by. Maybe now that I'm back to work strangers will pass my way and I shall share those experiences with you.

Until then ..... keep blogging little ones.