Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Then and Now

Since Ricky posted like this today, I thought I could get away with it too.

Look at the picture on the left ....
now look at this one ....

Passages of time can be an alarming thing.

Oh ... and I guess this can double as Wordless Wednesday.

Stay safe tonight for anyone venturing out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am not one to blog about the headlines .... but I'm going to this time.

I have been glued to the news regarding the fires in California. A very dear friend of mine here has family that has been evacuated. They are safe, but at this point no one knows if there home is.

I can not imagine the sense of loss one must experience when everything you own is burned to the ground. Yes, I realize that we are more than the sum of our parts (or belongings), but as I look around my home at the memories, mementos, my cats .... I am deeply saddened.

I did read today that our Canadian water bombers have gone down to give assistance, but in part if feels too little, too late. On the other hand, anything that can be of assistance at this point must be a positive.

They are in my prayers, and in specific - I pray for a change in the weather/wind.

Friday, October 19, 2007

For Fans of "The Golden Compass"

(This is my second entry of the day. Make sure to update yourself on my continued travel antics.)

I've been reading my way through the Philip Pullman series "His Dark Materials". I'm on the last of the books, and am so looking forward to the first book "The Golden Compass" coming out in movie form for Christmas. I heartily recommend this series to young and old readers alike. A very jaunty adventure of a young girl, her daemon, alternate universes, and the age old battle of good vs. evil.

If you take this quiz, drop me a line and let me know what your daemon turned out to be.

P.S. - For those who were wondering - my hubby finally received his offer for the new job. We are both excited and feel that God has been behind everything. Even to the point of the day he went into his present job to give notice. His two bosses both gave him affirmation, but warned him that they would be coming to get him back when they got a big contract they've been waiting for. This was a huge relief to me, and a God answer to prayer.

Hubby starts at the new place on November 5th. Yay!!

Rocky Mtn. High Part 2 - geriatric gyrating

(My week, in a nutshell, has been very busy. The one thing about taking a week off of work is that you have to make up for it when there is no one to come in and do your job. Alas .... I'm indispensable (not))

To continue with the wedding from my last post.

In every family there is always that one 'member' who stands out among all the rest. No matter the craziness, or saneness of a family there has to be that one relative that we all die of embarrassment over. You cannot convince me otherwise. Up until my mom's passing we would have all agreed that it was she that brought us the most laughs, but often mortification when in public. She could always be counted on to be the first one to put her foot in her mouth, and be completely oblivious to the situation.

I had thought that with mom's passing that we would have a few years grace before some one else took up the mantle of absurdity (odds are it will be me in future years), but the wedding weekend proved there is a new reigning queen.

Thankfully, it is not someone from my families side, but from my sister-in-law (mother of the bride) side - Aunt Tilly.

I'm not exactly sure how old Aunt Tilly is, but I would guess her to be in her late 70's going on senile. If there was an audience to be had, her antics grew larger. At first it brought a giggle to the group, but the performances became old quickly.

On the Friday we/anyone available, reported our manpower reception hall to decorated according to the brides wishes. In my nieces case - this meant large quantities of brown tulle, and large paper spheres to be hung from the ceiling. One such length of tulle was not quite long enough to be used, and was immediately snatched up by Aunt Tilly to be adorned on her person like a mink stole. At first we all thought "Ah .... isn't that cute. I wished I thought of that .... ". Then after a while the waltzing to no music in the corner began, and we thought "OK. .. that's a bit odd .... she's a bit odd .... but we have a lot of work to do here." But after 3 hours of her it wasn't funny or cute anymore.

God Bless Aunt Tilly. She was completely happy, incognizant and sober in her own little world. And many of us held our breath in wait for what she would do next.

The 'next' came the following day after the wedding, and at the reception itself. Hind-sight / fore-sight - when planning the seating arrangement for a wedding reception keep in mind how close you place a potential heckler to the head table and MC's stand. Word to the wise.

The meal was wonderful. The room tastefully decorated. The bride and groom giddy with romance. The 187 (majority of which were under the age of 30) knew exactly where the open bar was. The party was all ON!

The position of "Maid of Honour" was shared by two young University friends. One of which was the kind who was not afraid to speak her mind. The kind of young lady that as they age would grow into the likes of my mother or Aunt Tilly.

I digress .....

It was time for speeches and toasts. The "Maids of Honour" were giving their speeches to the bride, and "speaks-her-own-mind" was up, she talked at length about how popular my niece had been in University. How lucky the groom was to have met and caught the bride. How all the young men in University had wanted to "bang" her (my niece, the bride . . . . .)

An audible groan could be heard throughout the land, and the temperature in the room rose several degrees due to the heat from many blushing cheeks - majority of warmth coming from the bride. Although, the look on my brother's face (father-of-the-bride) was one of extreme discomfited pain.

That said, when the tides turned and it was time for the bride and groom to respond, they handled the remarks with a grace and class that made me proud for my girl.

On to the dancing, and back to Aunt Tilly ....

The DJ started up the music around 9:30, and I danced (awkwardly) with my husband for the first time in our lives together. Strictly rock and roll, but I like it.

I found that the music really divided the generations. The folks who were over 30 tended to like the 70's and 80's rock, and country music. The under 30's waited, and drank, at the bar for just the right fast song. And then there was Aunt Tilly ...

Although she had lost her brown tulle stole, she was still quite content to waltz around the dance floor without a partner, and regardless of the tempo. Little did we know she was winding up for the grand-slam floor show later.

Hubby and I left around mid-night, many of the older revelers had left, but the bride, groom, and youngin's were just getting started. This included Aunt Tilly - whom I might impress upon you as being quite sober.

Because I feel that I have spent most of this entry dissing Aunt Tilly, I will not give details to her late night antics now. With the exception to say that there are pictures to prove of a shirtless, muscled young man playing pony to a rough riding, geriatric gyrating elder. Aunt Tilly knows that her hips ain't broke and she knows how to use them.

Please forgive me if you are offended at my tales of Aunt Tilly, speaking ill of my elders and all. But I've been to many weddings, and dances etc. and I've never quite seen this kind of behavior from a person let alone a woman. Aunt Tilly deserves our respect and prayers, and quite possibly an assessment on her capacities. But she does make for some good story telling.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rocky Mountain Times Part I

We took this same trip just a year and three weeks ago, but for vastly different reasons.

The last time was to lay to rest my mother who had passed away on August 31, 2006. We travelled with a sad, empty feeling. This time, however, was for an exciting, happy occasion that I wouldn't have missed for the world - my oldest nieces wedding.

What a juxtaposition. What a contrast. Same highway, same scenery, same mountains and pretty much the same people.

I digress. I think you pick up what I'm putting down.

Living on an island can have its good points and its bad points ..... we'll actually very few bad points. But one that always seems a challenge is getting off the island. We are dependent on the ferry system. So you have to travel at the mercy of a ferry schedule for you hour and an half sail to the mainland. We left Victoria on the Thursday with the best of intentions of catching the very first ferry off the island in the morning - 7am. We forgot to keep in mind that we were heading into Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. We arrived bright and early - 6:30am - to find that the 7am sailing was already full. And the next sailing was at 9am, and 50% full.

The best laid plans ....

So, we settled in to a fresh cup of coffee and our local newspaper, and waited .....

They give the announce that the 7am sailing is now loading .... and the departing .... we wait some more. The low and behold they announce that due to an increased influx of travellers they will be adding an additional sailing at 8am!!! Nice! This meant that we would only be one hour behind our days schedule, and not two.

The trip itself was rather uneventful. The weather cooperated, and after many stops for more coffee we arrived in Jasper at 10pm. We were exhausted so we opted to check in with the B&B and not the family (until morning).

Jasper is lovely in the fall. The poplar trees turn a brilliant yellow, which proves a beautiful contrast between the green of the coniferous, and the grey/brown colour of rock. If you're fortunate enough to make it out to one of the surrounding lakes you had the addition of the brilliant glacier blue of the lakes to add into the mix. Stunning. It almost makes me want to move back there again. But not quite.

Friday was mostly meet and greet with family and old friends, and new family as we also met up with the grooms connections. I always enjoy being with my family, and their friends, much the the intimidation of my hubby. He enjoys them, but I think he finds them all very overwhelming. We live a comparatively quiet life, and one that does not include much socializing at the bar. (The "Jasper Brewing Company" pub was "the" meeting place. Very nice beer, I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the neighbourhood).

Once again, I digress.

The wedding itself was planned to be outdoors out at the Airstrip. A beautiful setting. Unfortunately - I completely forgot my camera - can you believe it!!! So you'll have to take my word regarding the beauty that surrounded us. There was a Plan B if it chanced to rain - all you hockey fans would have got a kick out of this ..... Plan B was center ice at the Recreation Centre. I almost wished .... it might have been warmer.

I'll stop here for now. I have to share with you the antics of a certain Aunt (who was not me)! but for now you'll have to wait.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Update - not

We're back.

Loads to tell.

Don't leave me yet.

I'll write soon.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday, Monday - Just looks that way

I am living in anxious, excited, anticipation! After today I have two working days left, and then I'm on holidays until the 15th!!!!

This may sound callous - but I kinda hope they have a little bit of a struggle next week around the work place. I don't wish anyone unwell, but for some reason they think that anyone can sit in my job and do it with limited or no training - Receptionist / secretary / go-to girl & bookkeeper! What are they thinking?

Today I spent an hour with one of the ladies that will be filling in, to show her how I produce the Sunday Church Bulletin (one small area of many). It isn't straight forward if 1) your not a Mac user, or 2) you've never worked in a graphics program, or 3) you can't multi-task.

And the weird part of all of this, is normally I would wear it all - the stress, the worry of knowing that some people may have to fend for themselves. But I'm not. I'm so looking forward to my nieces wedding this weekend. I'll be seeing family I haven't seen in years. And I'm looking forward to having no agenda or time pressures next week. T and I haven't even figured what we're going to do after the wedding - drive home? Sightsee Alberta? It doesn't matter. It's all good.

And the extra-ordinary cool part - - well not quite as extra-ordinary as the wedding - - is that the hubby may very well receive news that he has a Brilliant new job. He's going for a "technical interview" tomorrow morning (please pray). This is the final stage of the hiring process for this new company. We are both extremely excited, and feel that this move is to a good place, and at the right time.

I just want my husband back. I want that sparkle back in his eye, that skip in his step, and to out from where he is. The time has come.

Oh how I blather on so ....

As always - I'll keep you posted ..... :-)