Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nocturnal Technicolours

I've warned you before about my crazy dreams. Last night was no exception. It's really a good thing I like dreaming, regardless of the contents.

Picture this - a large theme park atmosphere - crazy rides - lots of people - and me .... in a long full skirted red satin ball gown and red stiletto heels. I'm trying to negotiate myself around the park (with friends, none of which I have in waking life) and on to a variety of rides. Only I find that its taken me so long to walk in my dress and heels that by the time I make it to the next ride, they've just closed it because it was full. So then I would attempt to make it to the next ride - only to not make it on time.

Although - I did make it into a virtual helicopter ride type thing. The pilot kept making the helicopter do loop-di-loops, and my dress spent most of the time up over my head - crinolines displayed loudly!

What is my mind trying to process with stuff like this going on?


Carolyn said...

I'm not one to interpret dreams. But I would guess that it's time for your husband to take you on a vacation! Somewhere fun, exciting and where you can wear a long full skirted red satin ball gown and red stiletto heels!

dlc said...

... since i rarely if ever get to correct thee on details, i humbly point out that nocturnal actually has one less "e" in it, and one more "u" ... granted, said typo could be a result of a certain sleep deprivation.

bittersweetmess said...

Thank you LJ, is that a new pic? you are looking really good. x

tiger said...