Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Known Update

I get to add a candle to the cake of my life tomorrow.

Call the fire-department. It's going to be a blazer.


Doesn't seem real. But I'll deal.


Poolie said...

You are still a puppy! Happy birthday! Hope you found your headphones.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Another year of fabulous!!

I sure hope you get honored sufficiently and you do something fun. :) Be sure to post about it--I keep checking for new posts....hint, hint.

cardiogirl said...

Yay! Happy Birthday and take a deep breath -- I know you can blow them all out. Have a great day and eat lots of cake!

Good Timing said...

Happy bday LJ!!!

The Bumbles said...

Sheesh - I get behind a few weeks in my blog hopping and I miss your birthday! So sorry to be so late to the party. I hope you didn't overdo it. Or if you did, that you had a blast in the process ;0)