Monday, May 12, 2008

This, That, and the Other

Hello my lovelies!

I've no excuse, so I won't give any. Life just happens sometimes.

My sense of wit and humour are not returning as I had hoped. So I have kept myself from you, but not far. Its a Canadian long weekend this coming weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Two weekends ago was our Church's spring retreat. I really shouldn't have gone, but I did. I was still paying back the lost sleep this past weekend when on both Friday and Saturday nights I slept between 10 and 11 hours. It was definitely a do nothing Saturday, and I loved it. The cold that had been plaguing me was still fighting to hold its grasp on me, and the sleep over the weekend did the trick to convince it to vacate.

Sunday was Mother's Day (as you smart bunnies all know), and since hubby and I had not been able to do anything on the Friday we decided to surprise the in-laws with a drop in visit on Sunday. Friday? you ask .... Friday was my parents-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. My MIL is still recovering from her back surgery last month, so was not in to any big shindigs. Which is good because hubby only reminded me on the Thursday night that the next day was their anniversary.

They were happily surprised, particularly when I convinced my sister-in-law to come join us. She rarely comes over to the island to visit. And this was a good excuse. She also brought her 17 year old daughter - whom, I might add, I had never met. I think its funny how I had let my MIL and husband flavour my opinion of someone I hadn't met, but in this nieces stance, I had. I was delighted to find she was not the spoiled princess I had been led to believe, but a lovely young lady on the brink of adulthood. She still has a lot to learn, but I think the MIL is stuck in her memory the stuck up, hormonal, teenager this beauty had once been. Albeit, not that many years ago.

Speaking of children .... hubby and I have now acquired Mario Kart for the Wii. It's WII too much fun!! I think this is one of the reasons God chose not to give us children. We wouldn't want to share our toys with them. LOL!! But on the flip side, we can corrupt other peoples children with video games. YAY!!

Well, for someone who didn't have much to say (of intelligence) I rambled on quite successfully. My bad! But you must admit that I truly did manage not to say anything terribly articulate :-)

A huge Shout Out!! to Beth, Angel, and brand new baby Isobel (born over the weekend). Very cool in the life of blogg-O-sphere!!!

Keep on blogging!!


Carolyn said...

At the end of Bones, I stood up and said (yes, very dramatically) "If Booth dies, I will never watch this show again!" The fun relationship between the two are the reason I watch the show. Besides...he's so cute!

linds said...

Happy Long Weekend!! :) Enjoy some time outside and of course playing the Wii! i want to get Mario Kart as well, I love that game and /i am sure the new is just is good, if not better! :)