Monday, November 10, 2008

Something I Said I Woul Never Do

There were a number of firsts for us this holiday. It was a first to visit Florida (and it stands to reason - a first for Disney World). A first for flying with the hubby (in an airplane that is). A first time at a water-slide park. And so on ...

One particular 1st that comes to mind is something I swore I would never, ever, ever do! and it has to do with the Water Park. At Disney World there are two water parks to partake in (at an additional cost - of course) however, during the time of our visit only one of the water parks were open. "Typhoon Lagoon" was wonderful. Even in October the Florida weather is warm enough for Canadian hicks like us to enjoy a day at the beach (so-to-speak). You can drift lazily around the park on inner tubes, or slide down a three story enema inducing drop (if you don't cross your legs just right); or experience a minor typhoon-like hit from a giant wave. This last one was a lot of fun, but don't go thinking that sitting in the shallow end will lesson the impact. Just ask my husband, but that's another story.

Which all brings me back to another 1st, and something I vowed strongly to never do, and will never do (except under duress) again!

What? might you ask would I feel so strongly about ....

The change room / bathrooms & lockers are slightly away from the water area. So one must change then lock up their belonging - including all foot gear - before beginning ones drenching adventures.

We changed, rented a locker and headed on in. The lazy, lounging, wet, river around the park was the best way to relax and see things. Then we began to inspect and partake in some of the sliding action going on. Wet, wild fun!

Nature will have its way with our bodies, and it was time for a quick snack and potty break.

Think about this .... you and several hundred others are wet and dripping - without towels (for the most part) and without foot coverings of any kinds - all traipsing around and some - like us - need to use the loo. There are very few things that gross me out more than carpeted bathroom floors or having to walk into a public bathroom in my bare feet.

(side note: there were no carpeted bathroom floors involved in this particular story. It is just a generalized statement of YUK!)

One of these two things I had to confront and face head on. "Head On - apply directly to the forehead".

Sorry - I digress.

The mere thought of having to walk into that public bathroom toilet cubicle brings a grimace to my face. I was hard pressed to stay on my tippy toes enough to keep my feet away from making contact with the floor in front of the toilet - let alone not allow my tush to sit down. Hovering just over the seat in a public bathroom is a long practiced event for many years now. But the combination of the two actions was greater than I could bear. My disgust was at an all time high.

Directly outside of the bathrooms was a foot wash fountain, but this did very little to calm my heebeejeebee's. I did however, live to tell the tale.

It will be a frosty day in hell before this kind of situation occurs again.

On a level of 'must do again at any price' vs. 'won't catch me dead doing that' this experience set the bar on the adverse end. A very close third or fourth place winner is the 30 minutes of my life I will never get back from waiting in line and riding "It's A Small World After All" under duress. A vow I broke, against my better judgment, on this holiday.

And there lies another scary tale from "Disney World Adventures 2008" for your reading pleasure.


Cloudy said...

Carpeted bathroom floor? Eek! I totally want to go to Disneyworld now, though.

dlc said...

... me-thinks you may have misplaced your journalistic calling somewhere?

linds said...

I totally know what you mean about not liking or wanting to go barefoot in the bathrooms or pools and such similar places. it is just gross! But then i think, by the time ou get back in the water, they put so much chlorine in there it will kill anything!!