Friday, November 28, 2008

Amongst the dumbest inventions

I have on my desk, as I type, one of THE dumbest inventions I have ever come across.

It's a pencil - seems harmless enough - but this particular pencil has a soft rubber casing. The casing (usually the wooden part, or hard plastic) is flexible. You can bend it into the letter "O" its so flexible.

How ... you may ask .... does the lead work if the casing is so flexible.

Well ... I answer you .... because the lead is also equally flexible AND it doesn't break.

AMAZING! You might exclaim ...

However, if you are lucky enough to get the flexible plastic and lead to sharpen (this took a great deal of tongue-gripped-between-teeth action) your first attempt to actually write with it is .... lets just say ..... too pliant for prose. With your inability to give proper grasp and grip to the tool your work quickly diminishes to a style not unlike that of a 4 year old.

And all of that without the lead breaking!

Whomever thought this was a brilliant idea that had to be patented and sold - - needs to write all his documents with his own invention.

I may keep it around as a joke, or I may pass it along to some other chump. OR .... who amongst you might want this for your expanding pencil collection? I will gladly mail it off to the first to respond with their desire.


dlc said...

... psst! i'm first, pick me, pick me!

... uh, maybe it's actually an eraser?

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Oh... darn you DLC. :)

linds said...

Haha, it sounds like a fun pencil meant to drive you nuts! How have you been lately?