Friday, February 6, 2009

Some days are just like this ...

but without drugs.

David kind of sums up how I've been regarding blogging (and life) lately. I have been absent, not quite in touch with my blogging reality. Poor kid!

January seems to always hit me like a ton of bricks. I want to up my dosage of anti-depressants or go to bed on December 31st and not wake up until February 1st. January is just not a kind mistress. To complicate things, it was a very busy month.

To start off - I had a job change (again). Well, more apt is a job description change (again). A large component of my job was taken away and contracted to someone else. At first the news really hurt, but I came to realize that it was all for the better. It was just the ugly head of low self esteem rearing up and accusing me of being a failure - once again. It's never easy for me to accept that I haven't done a job or task well. Not that I'm a perfectionist - far from it, you should see my house. Its more that sometimes I compare what I do with what others do, and I seem to need to be 'one-up' in things. Probably deep seated control issues.

All that to say - - - after having been in the no position (or old rotational position) I kinda like the new lay of the land. For having such a large portion of my job removed, I'm still just as busy and am in fact attending to things better. What does that say about expectations?

The hubby and I also bought a new car. We started looking in one direction (a truck) and ended up purchasing a new car instead. Complete juxtaposition in choices. Toyota Tacoma Truck vs. Chrysler 300. Go figure. What you need to keep in mind here is that I walk to work. (If you can call the leisure stroll of 100 feet from house to office a walk.) But the husband commutes a long Victoria commute of 25 minutes. So essentially the vehicle was to be his choice as he is the primary driver in the family.

Without going into details, we're a month into the new car (which is a lovely luxury car but not what I had in mind) and hubby is kicking himself for not getting the truck. Many sleepless nights have ensued since the 300 came home.

Also in the month of January the Mr. and Me got more serious about house hunting. Prices are beginning to fall and become slightly more affordable. I say slightly because I find it ludicrous that someone would ask $425,000 for a 2 or 3 bedroom home equivalent to the size of a thumb tack. AND they've recently reduced the price by $10,000, while they're neighbour sold theirs for $450,000 for the same cookie cutter style house just last year at this time.

What's up with this market???

What is almost scarier to me is the fact that the bank will actually loan us enough rope to experience apoplexy of the indentured kind. I shudder to think.

So you see, gentle readers, I have not been lost in the geographical sense, merely meandering in the muck of life. Oh ya, and one more thing - January 16th marked my 5th anniversary of blogging. Happy Anniversary to Me! I wonder if I'll get flowers. DOH! No!

Have a happy weekend!

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linds said...

I have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been doing!!! I hope the car decision will be more settled for you and wish you lots of luck in your house hunt!