Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you Lord for Fridays

I can't stop yawning today. It's only 3pm and I still have another 90 minutes to go at work. (Yes - I know I'm writing here during work hours, but its slow and no one is here, and I have moved beyond the motivation to do MORE data entry for one day. So there!).

There's a "Seniors Sweetheart Valentines Tea" going on across the hall from my office. To get in you have to show your birth certificate carved in stone with Moses' signature at the bottom. They're all pretending they're young and single again and can eat sugar and drink caffeine. They'll be paying for it later. I think the youngest one over there is in their early 80's. Ah, but it does my heart good to hear them sing the old (and I do mean "OLD") time hymns. It's awesome watching those folks take themselves off their oxygen long enough to really belt it out!

My week started out moving rather quickly, but the last two days!! Oy Vay! but I think I see the clock moving backwards. I'm not sure if time is standing still because I'm working through data base date entry (snoozer), or because insomnia is my new companion.

Ya, Insomnia. I thought I was making a trade up when I switched out Depression for Insomnia. Depression was such a downer, it was time for him to move on. Insomnia is more of a 'party all the time' kinda girl, but when does she rest? Constantly wanting someone to hang out with her. Doesn't she know I have to work in the morning??

Thank you Lord for Fridays!


Carolyn said...

Fridays are always LLLOOONNNGGG for me too. Around 2pm, I start getting the itch to go home and take a nap. Of course that urge magically disappears when I finally leave at 4:30!
Good luck with your insomnia. When I used to have it, I tried everything I could think of to get rid of it. It's very frustrating.

linds said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you had a nice weekend with the husband after your long Friday afternoon! I also wanted to tell you I loved the video of David after the Dentist, it was so funny I just had to show friends and co-workers. Thanks for sharing.
I hope your insomnia gets better, that must be one of the worst things ever. Thinking of you!

Cloudy said...

Insomnia is the WORST! Like tghose old ladies, I am also now paying for that valentine's candy. ugh!