Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Post - same rant - Part 2

If you haven't read my entry from earlier today, stop and do that first because this is the punch line of a continuing saga.

I got home from lunch to find (her still in the same spot) that she'd gone into our bedroom and folded my dirty laundry!!

I have no more words.


Anonymous said...

Because there aren't any.

cardiogirl said...

Man that would piss me off -- especially her touching my underwear, clean or dirty -- and I know I would say nothing to her.

I would bitch about it to my husband after she left. And for SURE I would write about it on my blog.

That. Bites.

And I do love the irony of how she's much safer by herself all day long at your house while you two work and your FIL is away.

Solid plan, FIL.

Carolyn said...

I'm sorry but I had to giggle a bit at your rants. My grama came to live with us when she was 87 and stayed until she was 90. She had dementia...did I mention that? I can fully appreciate and sympathize about your MIL's "helpfulness." Some of the helpful things Grama did for me include: laundry (she couldn't see well enough to sort well so many of our clothing items had to be thrown out); rearranging my kitchen cabinets (she put everything like it had been at her house); polishing our antique piano with BRAKE CLEANER (no words). All I can say is that you and I will be much nicer senior citizens than we would have been if we hadn't experienced these things. I hope!.

Good Timing said...

Oh my poor dear Mugwhump....I can sympathise. I am sorry that things are not easy for you at home right now and you have every right to rant. Rant, rant away!!

Jenn said...

My MIL stayed with my son when I was in the hospital having my daughter. When I came home she had done all the laundry and put it away and I was pissed then. I was also mortified because who the hell wants their MIL not only folding underwear but then also going through closets and drawers to put it all away?! So I feel your pain!