Friday, May 15, 2009

Its My Right To Rant, and you can't take it away from me

I'm starting this entry off by saying that this is a rant. This is my space to do with what I want, and if you know me personally - you will allow me the grace to say what I want how I want to say it - and no talk-back!

I have a rant!! As many of you know from my previous entry my mother-in-law is staying with us this week. She'll be turning 78 next month and is not the most mobile person. My father-in-law is off in Winnipeg at meetings (Meti Veterans) and a bit of a visit with his 93 year old mother.

My F-I-L decided that the M-I-L couldn't/shouldn't stay at home alone for fear of her falling. So instead he insisted that she stay with us where she'll have nothing to do and no one to visit with, and be completely alone ALL DAY because both hubby and I work for a living and can't take extra time off.

I leave the house in the mornings and the M-I-L is sitting on the couch. I come home at lunch and she's still sitting in the same spot. I come home after work and she's STILL in the same spot. The very same spot that she continues to sit in all evening. However, she does get bored enough during the day to 'make herself helpful'.

The word 'helpful' is what I have to keep in mind and I rant, because this particular 'helpfulness' really bugs me (OK - to be honest - it pissed me off!!).

I have a bad habit of, after doing my laundry I leave them semi folded up in the hamper they came from (cause that's the way I like 'em). Then I live out of that hamper until its empty and I refill it with dirty clothes.

My M-I-L took it upon herself (to be 'helpful', said with sarcasm) to refold my laundry. RE-FOLD my laundry. This included folding my underwear.

Who Freakin' Folds Underwear?? Let Alone OTHER People's Underwear!!!!!

If I'd wanted my freakin' shirts to have an extra fold pleat I would have fold them. But I don't, I lie them flat. I freaking want them laid flat. I don't freakin' want them folded!

The woman has GOT to go home! SOON!!

(deep breath in ...... deep breath out .....)

I would like to write that at this point I am feeling better for having ranted. But to be honest - I'm tired, I'm grumpy, its Friday, and I've got another 48 hours of 'helpfulness'. So I am NOT feeling better post writing rant.

Try as I might right now I cannot be filled with grace, mercy, love, and peace. I will be sitting in this stew of ugliness for a little while longer. And hopefully by lunch I can be civil when I get home - to find her sitting in the same spot on the couch that she's taken up residence in all week.

I would like it noted that I did not go into lengthy diatribe on the type of 'conversation' the M-I-L likes to have - during our favourite TV shows, like Hell's Kitchen Finale, or Survivor .... etc.


Please have patience for me, God isn't finished with me yet.


Anonymous said...

You have every right to rant. Nobody should interfere with another person's laundry. It's sacred! That's why I have a problem with laundromats.

fifi said...

Oh, that's awful! But your phrase "Stew of ugliness" is brilliant! Poolie ought to send Heinous over to help. THEN she'll see what "helpful" means! /Fifi

Eric said...

LOL I love a good rant. As you know. :^)