Friday, September 18, 2009

Adventures in a Mugwhump's week

It's been quite a week. Pinch me, this must be September! Always a busy time of the year for me at work, but I love it. I may grow an additional gray hair or two, but only me and my hairdresser know for sure.

Last Sunday I once again proved myself to be a wonderful wife - but you all knew that anyway - right?!? I went with my husband to a model train show. Model trains shows are not nearly as painful as say .... a root canal, but I can safely say they are not my most favourite way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. That said, I dutifully ohhh'd and awed and the appropriate displays then after an hour or so excused myself to the Recreation Centres lounge area to pass the remainder of the time in a Sudoku puzzle book and a good cup of coffee.

Much to my surprise, my husband only stayed in the show for few hours. Armed with a couple of bags of purchases and $400 poorer - he was in a hurry to get home and start on new plans for a layout.

This is not a cheap hobby, but then again - neither is mine. I support him in his hobby (HO Scale for those who understand these things), and am thankful for when he's forgiving in mine.

Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary. We were both so exhausted by the time that we got home from our respective work places that we ended up schlepping ourselves off to a local everyday eatery. It suited us just fine. Seven-schmeven!

On Wednesday evening I volunteered my church-secretary self to an event here in the building. We had a Donald Miller and Susan Isaacs evening. They are just beginning a 53 city tour to promote their books. Both books I would highly recommend, and if this tour comes to your city - check it out! You won't regret it in the least!

Susan Isaacs is HIGH-LARIOUS! The book that she is promoting is called "Angry Conversations with God!" and I sincerely doubt there is a person out there who can't relate to something that she says. It's simple too relatable. Put it on your Amazon wish list. I don't have a copy of it myself yet, but if her show is anything like her writing - I'm All In!

Which leads me to today - Friday - .... ummmm ..... hmmmm ... I, ah ..... mmmm ... I got nothin' folks. It's just Friday and it is what it is.