Thursday, October 8, 2009

I make no apologize

Why is it that I allow September to take me by storm? Every August I think I have everything under control and by mid October I begin to come out of the haze of a new season. What the heck!?!

Recapping my last several weeks:

I went to a womens retreat at Rock Ridge Canyon, BC - a Young Life camp.

I seriously skinned my knee at said camp. Inclines, lose gravel, and a well roasted cup of coffee are not a good combination. I lost my footing, lost my cup of coffee, and lost several layers of skin from the knee down 6 inches.

On an upside of that weekend - I did the longest zip-line in Canada (second longest for North America). F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! Totally freakin' awesome! One kilometer (.62 of a mile) long and the average run is 30-45 seconds. What A Rush!! Check it out on Youtube, if you've got a chance to surf a little.

Back home I stubbed my toe so bad I think I'm going to lose my toenail.

I learned I'm going to become a great-aunt - for the first time. But then again - I'm already a "GREAT" aunt! Get it? .... great ..... aunt .... great-aunt ...

Hubby and I have been invited to do a sibling Christmas in California at the middle brothers. I'm still waiting on word from work if I can take the time off. Hubby and I really want to go - a nice two day drive down - lots of fun in the warmth of San Fransisco Bay area - and too many laughs to count decent for any family.

Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We don't get the extended version like the states, but you can be darn sure I'm thankful its a long weekend.

And so the sunset falls on another Mugwhump entry, all well with the world.

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