Monday, October 26, 2009

Frozen Juice Might Be Easier

I believe I’ve turned a corner on the weekend. I can’t believe that it’s the end of October and I haven’t got a solid hold on my Christmas card creating yet. However, I finally took the time on Sunday to create my first prototype – and I really like it.

This is something I should begin to think about in early September, but this year it just didn’t happen. Life is like that sometime. And my husband always asks me the same question – “Why do you make them? Why don’t you just buy them?”

In the last 20 years of making my Christmas cards I have only missed 1 year. That was three years ago after my mom passed away. I just couldn’t muster what it took.

And so in a warped sense of pride I need to make my Christmas cards this year. I need to torture my inner creative demon and pound it for all I can. I like flogging my wares. Wares that I don’t even sell – what am I thinking??!!

I digress.

Truth be told I like it when my creative juices get to bubbling and boiling. The summer is a bit of a dry period. The same thing will probably happen in January and February. But when I’m ‘on’ I can think of nothing better than puttering away and afternoon or evening with my papers, ribbons, adhesives, and ever-faithful scissors around me. I can crank it out! And my dinning room table looks like a tornado hit it. Fun!

Call it a vice or call it a hobby – either way – I’m doing something that makes me feel happy.


dlc said...

"what were once hobbies are now vices" ... didn't the Doobie Bros say so?


ps. you neglected to mention the high tech computer generated thing-a-ma-bob you purchased for "card" a year ago. along with your papers, ribbons, adhesives, and ever-faithful scissors around you.

Becky said...

Wow, I bow down to the craftyness of you! 19 years.. holy moley. Ever since Gocco went out of business I've stopped making my own. In order to keep my (storebought) cards "fresh" my friend Molly and I switch 'em with each other. That's the best I can do. They don't even go out, some years. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about all the holiday crafting that must happen! I shall look to you as my BEACON of INSPIRATION!

LJ Ducharme said...

DLC - If the high tech thing-a-me-bob is what I think your referring too - then I constantly forget I have it. Silly me. I paid good money for that cutter.

Becky - what's Gocco??

And thanks for reading you two.

cardiogirl said...

Yes! The Doobie Brothers!

Damnation chica, you've been making your own cards for almost 20 years?! I'm impressed.

It's sketchy if the Cardiogirl Familia sends out cards. And if so, they are always, always purchased. I haven't stooped to email cards. Yet.

But they might be in my future.

The Bumbles said...

As someone who waits until X-Mas Eve to shop for presents it blows my mind that you begin X-Mas Card planning and creating in September. That is dedication to a true love. I bet they are well received and I hope you share photos with us when they are done!

P.S. - As to your question on why we were doing an Award post when we posted about our aggravation towards them recently, in that post we complained about the usual rules involved, which today's did not have. But we also said that we always acknowledge them anyway and use them to promote others creatively. Sorry to have confused you! You've got enough to worry about with crafting cards in October ;0)