Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Living Room Shrank

Our new furniture arrived!! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!

We put the old stuff (a couch and swivel rocker) out on the sidewalk with a large "FREE" sign attached. The rocker went quickly. The couch .... is now sitting on our front porch until we can properly dispose of it. It's the wrong time of the year to try to give larger furniture away.

Now ... on to the new pieces - oh how lovely. I have to pinch myself on a regular basis to help myself understand that its ours, its new, and it ain't going no-where! Our wee house is only 1,000 sq.ft. big, which means our living room is teeny-tiny, and a couch, love seat, and recliner (all leather) have taken over. We can't really even fit a coffee table in the center anymore. But that's ok. We actually like the way it looks.

My hubby was so excited by the blooming transformation that he decided "we" need new lamps to go with the new look. Out went to broken ones, in came 4 Moose-thematic ones 1 floor, 3 table tops). I barely recognize the joint. And yes, I really did say 'moose-thematic' .... Don't judge a sister. Just take my word for it - it all works together.

Amongst all this extreme leap into adult ownership, I still found time to play. Also over the weekend I found a local wool shop and purchased some items for needle felting. Here are the results:

And in case you can't tell - - its a starfish - top and bottom respectively.

I think my next project will be a penguin, but then again .... maybe a cat ... or .... heck, I don't know. My mind is all a-quiver with possibilities.


Carolyn said...

I received your package yesterday. The ornament is so cute! The cats LOVE it. We've had to move it three times, higher and higher up the tree. Thank you!

cardiogirl said...

I hope you know I'll be stalking to see your menagerie of felted animals grow, right? A penguin sounds like so much fun!

I can't wait to see what you come up with and the starfish is chez cute!

cardiogirl said...

p.s. Have you heard of paper twirling/quilling? I got one of my kids a paper twirling book/kit for Christmas, but between you and me it's really for me!

I can't wait to start playing with it. It just came in the mail two days ago and I had to hold myself back from ripping it open.

Anonymous said...

so you blog about furniture but don't show us pictures, and you add a ps-ish comment about crafts, and profile them photographically?

House of Clams said...

Okay, those starfish are GORGEOUS, so if you do a penguin I'll have to buy it from you. But then if you do a penguin you'll have to do TWO PENGUINS, because my girls can't share a damn thing.