Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pains of Getting Older

I had my once-every-two-years eye exam yesterday. I've been wearing glasses since I was thirty. It was bound to happen as both my parents did as well.

My last prescription change up two years ago moved me into the world of "Progessive Lenses", which are the evolution of bi-focal/tri-focal lenses. Which is also the evolution of making me feel old.

I'm naturally near-sighted, so I don't even tend to wear my glasses when I'm reading a book. But when I need to see the computer screen or beyond . . . forgetting my glasses is not a good thing. I'm pretty blind.

So yesterdays visit wasn't much of a surprise - I'll need to get new glasses. I used to enjoy looking for glasses, but not anymore. I can't find a 'style' that I like. And because a 'progressive' lens needs more space - the tiny little things not much bigger than a slit - don't work. And the new fashion with really wide temples (or arms) don't work well with progressives .... I'm coming up with nothin'.

What's a fashion conscious woman to do? (I use the term "fashion" & "conscious" lightly).

To top my exam off, the doc wanted to do eye drops that dilate your eyes.

A recommendation here - never, ever try to shop for eye glass frames when you can't stop the streams of light from bright overhead florescent from piercing your very skull. It truly is a useless endeavor. (and I might add that I was having a bad hair day. Not a very good combination.)

The other thing you're really shouldn't do once you've had those drops ..... is drive home on a sunny day.

Thankfully - I didn't have far to go to get home, my dark curtain clad home. My eyes were still dilated when I went to bed that night.

All is well with the world today, but now I'm on the hunt for the perfect glasses.


The Renegade Librarian said...

I don't want to get older. I'm having a tough enough time with 31.

Lin said...

Finding the right glasses is the worst part! It's hard because you have a limited selection and you are feeling the pressure to decide. Add to that the price! Egads, glasses are expensive even with the insurance. So, there you are, trying to find glasses that you are going to LOVE because you are paying a fortune. Ugh. I say, bring a friend to help you decide if you can.

Shanel said...

Getting older is a double edge sword... I don't usually look forward to birthdays.... your post was evident of how things change... but at least you've remained fashion conscious so you can't really go wrong:0)

Purple Cow said...

I have the same problem as you but I refuse to wear glasses. "My eyes are fine," I keep saying everytime I stop a bus with the wrong number. "It's just my age that's the problem!"

So if you don't like any frames, consider this - Sometimes its better not being able to see the world totally in focus...makes for a beautiful place! After all, if love is blind then perhaps we should be blind too!

Pearle said...

OMG! This made me LOL! I don't know what you sound like in the "real" world but in my head I can hear this being told w/ a giggle or two and perhaps even a valley girl twist. This was great!
Hope you found a pair you groove.
Love reading what you post because in my head...your accent and tone is a sarcastic fun one!
xoxox Pearle

LJ said...

Renegade: you are SOOOO not old at 31. Crap! but I could be your mom, if I'd had you at 17.

Lin: I didn't even mention the price. The prescription alone is over $600, and my benefits don't cover eyewear! They've got you over a barrel. Unless you don't mind not seeing.

Shanel: "fashion conscious" I did say I used the term lightly. I like to remind myself that you can't see me. LOL! (That being said, I do like "fun" eyewear if I can pull it off.

Purple: If I thought for a second I could get away without wearing glass I would. Remembering that I would probably get lost on the 100 foot walk to my house - - that makes me think twice about the decision. And I do mean 100 feet. I could end up crawling in bed with the wrong husband. Or worse, being the church secretary for the wrong denomination!! EGad!!

Pearle: No southern belle here, or a california valley girl either. You're going to have to go a lot farther north and add a number of "eh's" to my speech pattern. But I am glad I made you giggle. (on a side note: I definitely fall into the sarcasm valley often.)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´ve had glasses since I was eleven and can´t see clear more than 20cm. I bought new glasses this winter and I really should have bought progressive lenses, but I knew that I would have to stay home from work for three months after surgery so it got to expensive to buy those. But I´m thinking of buying reading glasses instead since it´s only when reading I need other glasses. Much cheaper too :-)
Have a great day now!

Purple Cow said...

lol "crawling into bed with the wrong husband"? never thought of not wearing glasses as a perfect excuse for infidelity.

Carolyn said...

I've worn glasses or contact lenses since I was about 9 or 10. For most of my teen and adult years I wore contacts. Several years ago I went back to wearing glasses. I'm old and too lazy to bother with contacts anymore. ;o) Besides I (like you) need tri-focals. When I had an exam a few months ago I wanted to go back to contacts, but my eye doctor recommended against it. For the first time ever in my life, I tried on every pair of frames in the joint. I refused to be rushed, just kept trying different ones on until I found a pair I loved. I spent more than I wanted to. I even splurged and ordered transition lenses. I still gulp when I think of what I spent. But, every time I look in the mirror and see my glasses, I'm glad I did. You deserve a pair of glasses that make you feel pretty. When you take into consideration that you wear them every day for a few only seems right to buy the ones you really want. Good luck!

Ommmm said...

Getting older might be a pain but don't forget all the other good things. You're smarter as you get older! Poorer eyesight - more knowledgeable brain. Sounds like a good trade off to me. ;)

Eric said...

Hey LJ, off topic but I thought of you when I saw this contest!