Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And So It Begins Again ....

There is something about finishing the last bit of "holiday" time you have in the summer that makes me feel like the summer is over. I gotta get over that!

I am, however, back at the desk being the boss of everything... No actually, I will dispute that, but as I did a walk about this morning I see how many things have fallen through the cracks in my absence. But then again, maybe its just my work OCD that kicked back in. None-the-less I'm putting things to rights. :-)

This last two week stint was wonderful. We really didn't get up to much, and in fact stayed home for the last 10 days of it. I made a point of doing at least one little errand in a day (an errand of my choosing and desire). This got me up and out of my PJ's.

My hubby on the other hand .... I truly believe he'd prefer to be a bat. His living space consisted of the livingroom with all the curtains closed, and not a single light on except the glow of the TV.

This is NOT my idea of how to spend my summer vacation, but he was happy, so I can't complain.

In particular - I can't complain when we ended up purchasing a Play Station 3. For the "blue ray" capability of course ....

Did I mention that we already own a Wii and a GameCube? No? Well - we do - AND, did I mention we have no children? No? Ya, there's nothing like being double income, no kids, and no mortgage. I don't like hubby's choice of games, but we're having a blast playing "Lego: Indiana Jones 2", and "Little Big Planet".

Now .... I do have to come back to work just to pay for it, but I can't wait for a rainy day that "makes" me stay inside .... teehee!


cardiogirl said...

NO mortgage? Wow, I want to live with you and play Wii games. It doesn't matter that you don't have kids.

You do have fun.

Lin said...

I love the Wii and I'm nearly knocking the kids over to use it! It is a hoot, isn't it??!

I'm seriously jealous of the "no mortgage". Great in this economy! Good for you!!

LJ said...

I guess I should add that we don't have a mortgage because we don't have a house. We do have very reasonable rent, which makes it hard to justify purchasing a house in a stoopid!! market.

bittersweetmess said...

Wii is pretty awesome..though I suck at baseball!

Hope you are well xo

Carolyn said...

Bill is hooked on his Xbox360. He plays online with his friend from Missouri. I call it his "high blood pressure medicine." When he is stressed, he plays for awhile and it relaxes him. I LOVE my Wii. I'm always amazed at how fast the time goes by when I'm playing it. Isn't it funny how as adults we love our games?
P.S. I'm so glad your vacation time was wonderful!