Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Never Had A Trampoline

During our coffee break time this afternoon at work, I casually glanced out the window to a group of kids playing across the street. At first view I thought they were on a pogo stick, but my sight was slightly impaired by a fence. Then as I realized they were garnering far to much air to be on a pogo stick, and there was no accompanying noise of "boing-boing-boing-boing" I discovered they were on a trampoline. What a lot of fun.

Thinking of the pogo stick brought back great memories for me. After I outgrew my tri-cycle (combined with my dads car crushing it to smithereens because of a poor parking choice on my part) my parents bought me a brand new red pogo stick for my 5th or 6th birthday.

Suddenly I was the coolest kid on the block. Everyone wanted to try it. We would have contests to see who could get the most hops in before falling off. I never mastered traveling with it, but I had a lot of fun bouncing around on our driveway.

Eventually I wanted to move on to a more speedy and directional form of transportion and I graduated to a push scooter and then a bicycle.

As you graduated through the modes of travel as a kid, is there a "favourite" that sticks (no pun intended) in your mind? Lets hear about it.


The Bumbles said...

I loved those bouncy balls? Big rubber balls that you sat on and then held on to the ears of Mickey Mouse's head sticking up around the middle and then just hopped and bounced around all over the house or yard or sidewalk - wherever.

The Big Wheel was next in line. I used to make my little legs spin so fast to pick up as much speed as possible going down the front walk towards our house - then I would bang a hard right and jump the short steps that went down to the parallel driveway and continue down the hill of the driveway - pulling to a screeching sideways stop inches before slamming into the garage door. I'm sure my mother loved to watch those moments.

I then graduated to an Evil Knievel bicycle.

Good times!!!

Lin said...

We had bikes. Man, we were all over the place on our bikes as kids. We LOVED our bikes and took really good care of them and we rode them well into high school years. Kids don't ride bikes as much as they used to for transportation.

As for the trampoline--those things scare me. I know someone who's kid broke their nose on the darn thing and required many surgeries to correct his breathing. I hated for my kids to go on the neighbors--I always worried about them getting hurt.