Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I got to be a kid twice this week

If you've ever lived on an island you know that island living is like no other. No other philosophy. No other lifestyle. No other mindset.

OK, maybe that's a few too many 'no other's', but you get my drift. Living on an island is different.

I've lived on the big island of the west coast of Canada for 25 years, but even a weekend trip to one of the smaller gulf island reminds me that small island life is different again. More organic, more 'small town', and if it were possible - - slower. I headed off to Pender Island to visit a girlfriend who lives there, and I was just in time for their "Fall Fair".

Not only did I chose the right weekend, but I also managed to end up taking part in their parade. From the Fire hall to the Fair grounds - I was a stilter's spotter. A rag-tag group of around 8 kids ranging in age from 10 - 15 display their stilting skills in costume at local events on the island throughout the year. They're a very talented group of kids, and don't really need spotters, but it was safety first all the way.

Now before you get caught up in the ewww.... ahhhh .... she was in a parade ..... please keep in mind that the distance between the fire hall and the fair grounds is equivalent to about one city block. But I took my duties very seriously, some of these kids were an additional 4 to 5 feet taller. I wonder if the air is thinner up there. (no unsavory incidents requiring my spotters hand)

It was all great fun, culminating at the fair grounds and all that a fall fair has to offer. I felt like a kid again. I hadn't been "in" a parade since I was a teenager, and I hadn't been to a Fair in .... 15-20 years.

My second spree back into childhood happened last night. We didn't feel like cooking, and I had an urge to have something I haven't had since long before I turned 10. For dinner (I use the term lightly) I took a fresh bun, slathered it with margarine and put a heap of salt & vinegar potato chips in it.

This was a real treat when I was a kid. I always liked the combination of textures and flavours. It didn't have to be salt & vinegar, but that's what we had on hand.

Nom, nom, nom ...... good.


The Bumbles said...

I lived on Martha's Vineyard for part of one summer during college - long before the Presidents decided it was a hip place to vacation - and I don't care how big an island is - it feels incredibly small when you are stuck on it. I can't tell you how crazy it made me to not be able to just get in my car and drive wherever I wanted to be. Relying on a ferry to be able to get me anywhere other than where I was was not for me. Oddly, I didn't have that sense when I visited St. John - must have been the tropical scenery!

Your parade duties sound fun - you could build it into your resume to become a balloon handler in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

As for that sandwich? Ick on the salt & vinegar selection. However, I have been known to stuff plain kettle cooked chips in my toasted peanut butter & honey sandwiches to remind me of childhood delights.

Poolie said...

How totally fab!

Good Timing said...

I am jealous, sounds like a fun time! :)

cardiogirl said...

I'm amazed that they can walk on stilts without holding onto anything. As a kid a neighbor had a pair of stilts that we used but the wood went all the way up to our shoulders so we could hold on and lift the stilt to walk.

I loved those things. I'd probably break my hip if I tried to use a pair today.