Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do I Have "Push Over" Tatooed on My Forehead?

What is it with me this week???!!!

I seem to have all the people looking for conflict attracted to me in a not so pleasant fashion.

Saturday (BEFORE the dinner in the previous post) I made the mistake of popping into my work (on my day off), and had a 'situation' with a Pastor (not one of ours), resulting in words exchanged. And me leaving flustered - but unresolved.

Then my previous post occurred that evening.

Then on Tuesday a co-worker decided that the brand new filing cabinets I've just brought where an ideal sitting spot for his butt during a meeting where the rest of us have to stand. When I asked him to get off of them - he laughed - and continued his monologue.

Then today another confrontation with a person here at the office. Not a co-worker - thankfully, but the same person that I had issues with on Saturday morning, but over a completely different item. I actually said words that should have stayed in my head, but I meant none-the-less.

What?? Do I look like a push-over? I only be 5'2", and almost as round as I am tall, but that doesn't mean I'm going to put with your s%&t!!

I like to think that I'm a pretty easy going a pleasant person. I'm willing to be corrected. But to blatantly think you can just muscle in a bowl me over - you've got another thing coming! You're nice to me - I'll be nice to you. You're sharp with me and I don't deserve it, then watch out! I have fangs and I'm willing to use them!

Deep breath in ...... deep breath out ..... deep breath in ..... deep breath out.

All I'm askin' is ... don't cross me!


Purple Cow said...

Hahaha love the picture of the kid pushing the sumo wrestler. Its strange that when one thing goes wrong there seems to be a domino effect. Hang in there. This, too, will pass. And no, you don't look like a pushover to me, lady! Still, sometimes we've all just got to press the DELETE button right.

Take care. Have a great, much better weekend!

Poolie said...

Go! Get 'em!

Anonymous said...

thankfully, i was in Chicago when all this went down, otherwise? i can see myself in several of these situations.

The Bumbles said...

That is a perfectly disturbing photo you selected! Love it.

My former roomie was as round as she was tall and folks always tried to walk all over her short in stature self. And she would be so polite and make excuses for their actions. I finally convinced her that she was being a doormat and had value. Boy did she run with that empowerment!!!

Conflict is natural. Getting steamrolled is not. Go get 'em!

Carolyn said...

Good for you! I tend to avoid confrontation too. I'm very easy going...until that moment when I'm pushed too far. Isn't it frustrating when others assume just because we're nice and easy going that we are also doormats? Take care!

Lin said...

Doesn't it seem that sometimes the stars are aligned so as all the conflict of the world is sitting in your lap? There are just days when everywhere I go, I seem to find conflict and even if I am nice, it still finds me. Those are the times I go home and hunker down until it passes. Hang in there, pally. :) I'm on your side.