Friday, October 15, 2010

Hunkering Down For Winter

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to hunker down and do my crafts and (more) reading. I'm a good 4 weeks behind in my Christmas card planning. I have bought the set I will be working with, but have yet to put ink and acrylic to paper.

My needle felting back has several partially started items in it, patiently waiting for me to grow a creative bone.

I'm still in a reading-fit and can't seem to get out of it.

Lately I've been wanting to pick up my knitting needles again, but don't think I can spread myself into 'another' direction .... the husband can only hand so much.

I must switch gears as time is awastin'! Christmas is only two months away and there are many miles to go before I sleep.

What I need to do is set myself a goal. That's where you come in (and I only just thought this as I was writing up this entry). I need you to challenge me - in a good way, and not about my spelling (Mr. Annonymous). For the all commenters on this post I will do a draw and choose 2 - then I will create and send either a small felted animal of your choice OR a grouping of 3 handmade cards (event of your choice).

This will serve a dual purpose - get me craftin' and ..... get me craftin' .... No wait, that's only one - but a very sharp 'one' it is!!

What do you say? Does anyone out there still read this far into my blog????


Purple Cow said...

Christmas! WOW! Thinking about that already? Too far away for me...I'm a last-minute person. Of course we read this far down into your post...Spelling mistakes? I don't see any!

OK. I'm so excited now. i want a purple cow felt that you can e-mail to me so that I can use as a banner or something on my blog...(Am I being really greedy?)

Anonymous said...

... i'd like a felt ninja AND the 3 cards please.


ps1. i only stay anonymous 'cuz i am afraid of cardiacgirl.

ps2. fyi, you spelled laid back wrong on FBook

The Bumbles said...

Of course I read that far - well, to be honest, it is smart to put a line like that at the end of your post since skimmers always go to the very end - and that would guilt them into going back and reading everything ;0)

I think felt ninjas would be fun too...

LJ said...

Thanks folks for playing! And challenging me. This is goona be fun!

PC - I bought some purple wool on the weekend ...
Anon - A ninja AND cards - good thing I know you!
The Bumbles - Thanks for being a good reader. It warms the cockles of my heart. When I saw you name pop up as a commenter I feared you'd ask for a Bumbles - and I didn't know how I was going to pull that off.

I will announce the results soon, but as there are only three of you - you make my choice easy. Everyone is a winner!!!

cardiogirl said...

Okay, I was stressing out about my varicose veins so I missed this post. I'm glad to see that I put the fear of C-girl into Mr. Anonymous.


Onto the challenge: this is one helluva challenge but I think you could do it very well and I think I would pay you up to $20 USD to do it.

If you could make a felted Cardiogirl complete with ponytail, red shirt and ear buds I. Would. Be. JACKED!

The ponytail would absolutely have to have that curl that goes up on the bottom of the tail, though.

LJ said...

Cardio - you have way more faith in my needle felting abilities than I do. To tackle a job like recreating "Cardio Girl" is an overwhelming thought. I was just looking for the simpler kick-start projects like a purple cow. But you've given me food for thought. Actually I think creating your varicose veins might be easier than ponytail toting Cardio Girl!

Lin said...

Can you do an orange stripey cat??! With varicose veins??? ;)

FFMag said...

Get Craftin! Nothing better than a nativity!!!

cardiogirl said...

I think I'd like an orange stripey cat with some varicose veins! On the left leg, please.

I do have a lot of faith in you but no one needs to be overwhelmed.

Completely unrelated side note: my word verification is makednes which makes me think of nakedness. I just thought that was weird. Carry on.

LJ said...

Lin & CG - you are twisted women. One of the many reasons I love you.

FFMag - Thanks for visiting. I entertained the idea of a Nativity scene last year, but as I was knew to this craft it felt (no pun intended) like something that required more skill. But you've replanted a good seed.