Monday, November 8, 2010

Bring It On!!!

Meet Larry, a distant cousin to Liz (previous entry).

And a cup of coffee for the guy who has everything.

I seem to be on a role. Which is a good thing. I should be thinking about Christmas gifts, but alas .... those kinds of inspirations aren't coming nearly so easily.


Lin said...

I LOVE Larry's colors! Sheesh, the boys always have the colors, don't they?

Becky said...

So so so so so so so cute! You have a talent, lady!

bittersweetmess said...

LJ these are awesome! I love the purple cow!


Good Timing said...

How do you make these??? I have been wondering!

LJ said...

Thanks Folks - your comments are always appreciated.

Good Timing - It's called needle felting. Taking raw wool, and sculpting it using a special barbed needle. I'm Lovin' This Hobby!!