Friday, November 12, 2010

A Productive Holiday

There's nothing like a holiday mid week to make me happy.

Our office was closed yesterday and I'm back in today. A little discombobulating, but I'm not complaining.

But I had a most excellent day yesterday - let me tell you about it. I didn't wake/get up until 10:45am!!! Can you spell - I NEEDED SOME SLEEP! And made a point of not rushing into anything. Just play the day out as it was to go. Point in fact: I didn't get out of my PJ's until 5pm when we went out to dinner. Talk about lazy.

However, lazy only went as far as my mode of dress. I pulled out my laptop and my crafting gear and plunked myself down for some good movie watching and Christmas card making.

I'd missed the airing of "Glee - Rocky Horror" episode, so I'd downloaded it and sang along. Then I moved on to the first two episodes of "The Event". A new show on this fall, and the jury is still out on whether I'll keep watching it. Then I moved over to Netflix and watched "All About Steve" with Sandra Bullock. I love Sandra Bullock - even if this movie wasn't great, I still love me some Sandra.

Through all of the watching and listening I managed to make 18 Christmas cards from scratch. I am most please with myself!!

I suppose I should have assisted my husband, who took it upon himself to vacuum the house as well as condition the leather furniture. But far be it from me to get in the way of a husband doing domestic duties ..... no, I stayed glued to my kitchen table, paper crafting, television watching - and enjoyed every stinking minute of it.

Later that even, after closing up the craft shop and dinner - I settled in for some regular TV with the hubby and needle felting.

I really do have a thing for multi-tasking don't I.

Anyway - I finished a 3rd and smaller gecko. A friend of mine will be having a table at a craft fair next month and has kindly volunteered to sell some of my works. I've got several more projects to complete for it, but in the end - what I get done, I get done. I can't push myself any harder than that otherwise it takes the fun out of the hobby. The stressful point is trying to figure out what the items are worth ..... I won't go there now.

So all in all I had a great holiday day. I do thank the soldiers who keep our country safe, and who have kept our country safe. Both my grandfathers served in the 1st World War, and my parents in the 2nd World War. I never knew any of my grandparents, but do have war mementos to remind me of the sacrifices they made. Thanks.


Lin said...

WOW! You were productive! I like those days when you can chill but still get some stuff done. I guess there is some benefit to the shorter days and having to be indoors.

The Bumbles said...

I love staying in my PJ's until dinner. And I love lazy days with TV. You are right - never interrupt a spouse doing domestic duties. However, my lazy days do not involve creativity. Kudos to you! Price them higher than you think - I bet you sell them.