Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Peeking ....

It must be December. I seem to barely come up for air these days, but its all good.

I had to share my most recent creation with you my very supportive readers. And in a crush to figure out family gifts I decided that some felting was in order. So if you're a family member of mine ..... don't read any further (Katie you won't tell you dad will you?).

Here is a picture of Sasha my oldest brothers dog. Sasha passed away a couple of years ago, but has a very special place in my brothers heart. She went everywhere with him. Cross Country skiing, hiking, camping .... life. And I know that she left a giant hole in his heart when her years were up.

And here is my rendition of her in felt.

What say you? Did I do ok? I hope my brother likes it, and part of me wishes I could be there when he opens it up, and part of me .... is a little worried. Guys are funny that way - you never know if you've hit the mark with them when it comes to gifts.

Is it just me, or are men hard to buy for?

On a side note: I have a girlfriend who sells things at craft fairs, and she participated in a small one last week. She asked me if I'd like her to try to sell some of my work at the fair. So on a lark I pulled all the ones that I would sell, threw some reasonable price tags on them, and sent them away with her. A dozen pieces or so on my prides and joys - except one. One particular little penguin was something I made at a workshop and is in a completely different style then I like to work. I didn't like him even enough to give him away. I can't even show you a picture, because I never took one.

Wouldn't you know it .... that stupid little penguin was the ONLY thing that sold. There's no accounting for taste.

I am not dissuaded. I will continue to create AND create the way I want too! So there.


Becky said...

Love love LOVE! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I think he'll love it.

Men ARE hard to get gifts for. This year, I made a few corduroy scarves with small embroidered pieces on them. I polled a whole lot of males to gauge exactly how much and what to embroider, in order to be acceptable. (pics to come on my blog)

Tee-shirts, food. iTunes gift cards for my 20-something nephews. Locally brewed beer for my east-coast bro-in-law.

I wish they had more options!

Poolie said...

That is incredibly beautiful! I'm sure he will be pleased!

Lin said...

I think it is best that you are not there when he opens that gift because he may give you a reaction that you weren't expecting. It is incredibly beautiful and touching--which may just make him really emotional. I don't know you brother, but I know that men sometimes act like they don't care, when inside, they are falling apart.

That is a beautiful rendition of his dog and so very thoughtful of you to make that for him. I think he is going to treasure that gift forever.

I hate craft shows because it is hard to judge what will sell. A lot of times, there is a taste factor that, um, isn't like mine. At least you sold something, right?

Good Timing said...

The dog is lovely! That would bring tears to my eyes if someone made that for me - some guys are sentimental like that, you never know!

The Bumbles said...

Well - I left this awesome comment here last night and Blogger seems to have eaten it. Basically - your brother will appreciate the thought, effort and result. What a wonderful present. I love it. Especially the detail on those paws!

As for your sale - maybe the penguin sold because it is winter? Who cares! You sold something! Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

You won Christmas with this. We were a mess in the best possible way. Thanks so much for bringing her back!