Thursday, November 8, 2007

Coming up for air

At the moment ... I can kinda sorta come up for air from my desk. I still feel like I'm playing catch-up from being away the first week of October!!!

The time-change that we had over the weekend is playing a number on me too. At the moment it is actually 2:53pm, which a week ago would have meant 3:53pm, and I would have been getting ready to go home. But I'm not and I can't, but I feel like it. That, AND my body is like clock work - I pretty much always 'hit a brick wall' around 2 or 3 in the afternoon - everyday. I reach a point of no return, but have to keep on moving.

I've hit my wall today!

I've accomplished the major task on my desk for a Thursday - preparing our Sunday Bulletin. It's at a point where I now take it home and have the husband go through it and find all my faulty spelling and grammar.

Yet - - I have an hour and a half to go, and no will power to move on to another task. So I blog! Blessed you!

In other useless news - I called the vet today. Our fair young Pirate has a date with destiny tomorrow. Pirate will be losing some jewels! And he doesn't even know it. I wonder if he'll still love me? He has to stay over night, so it will be so strange and quiet around our house tomorrow night. I just hope that our other cat Digit isn't lulled into a false sense of security. She may very well think we've ditched the wee fellow, and can go back to ruling the roost by herself without fear of unexpected pouncings.

I rather hoping the for all his annoying habits, she'll kinda miss him - just a little.

The animal hospital told me that Pirate is not allowed any water or food after 10pm tonight. The food won't be so hard, but the water ..... that will be difficult. It's not that he likes to drink it, its more that he'll really miss the play aspect.

Did I tell you that he likes to takes showers with us? He absolutely L.O.V.E.S. water. We can't put the water bowl down without him diving in with both paws just to sloosh all the water back out again. And he is beyond fascinated when the hubby goes in to pee. Lets just say Pirate is not unfamiliar with "golden showers", albeit unintentionally on my husbands part. Hubby has yet to figure out how to fend off Pirate and maintain aim.

Don't even get me started on the time we used to use "2,000 flushes". If you recall, it makes your toilet water blue. So was Pirate after he fell in.

Water is a cheap toy, but a messy one, and I think Pirate may feel were punishing him for something by locking him out of any room with plumbing.

Well, I've probably spent enough time away from the things of "need", and I must return to my grindstone.



Violet said...

Give Pirate a big kiss from me! Unless he fell in the toilet again... then, you can just wave at him.

linds said...

HAH! i loved all the stories about Pirate and the mischeif he gets in! Too funny. I hope his little operation goes well and that he is home soon causing more trouble in no time!