Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Schmalloween!

We aren't big Halloween celebrators, however I do enjoy seeing the little kids all dressed up, and hopefully knocking on our door. After purchasing last minute mini-chocolate bars on the 31st (which made my chocolate fiend hubby happy) I set up the bowl of goodies by the door expectant for wee ghosties and goblin's, or thematically speaking princess' and mini-Harry Potters.

Six o'clock came and went ....

Six thirty came and went ...

I nibbled on one little chocolate.

Seven o'clock came and went .... and not one child ....

Seven thirty came ....

and finally at 7:45 there comes a loud rapping on our door. Based on the size and volume of the come hither sound I thought it must have been someone we knew. I opened the door expectantly to find 5 teenage boys holding out their pillow cases.

No "Trick or Treat". No "Please". Just 5 boys thrusting their candy filled sacks at me. And then ... "Your our last stop so give us lots".

Let me tell you, these children did not endear themselves to me. I did give them some candy.

Not only did I not get the sweet little deserving children at our door, but I was rudely reminded of the lack of manners in the teen generation! Or maybe its just teenage boys on a sugar high.

Needless to say, shortly after that I pulled in the candy, turned off the porch light, and called it a night.

The husband is happy - he's got a lot of chocolate at his disposal and I am desperately trying to work on my discipline skills - and failing.

Next year - No Halloween at our house!!!

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linds said...

I can't believe that you had no kids, just some rude teenagers! i had to send Ben out for more candy! i would guess we had about 50 trick or treaters or so and lots of cute little ones. Better luck next year!