Monday, December 22, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! No! No! No!

Well it seems that Old Man Winter took umbrage to my entry from last week. Victoria has been blanketed, duvet'd, multi-bedded, pillow topped with enough snow to last me for quite some time. Our front yard is sporting a good two feet, and from what I hear we got off pretty easy. (They are saying to expect some more of the white stuff today and later this week.)

And while everyone else gets a 'snow day' (including my husband) I am physically capable of making the trek across the church parking lot to my office from home. Although, I did not carry a cup of coffee with me this morning, as is my regular routine.

Don't feel too sorry for me yet though - I'll be outta here shortly. No sense me sticking around when I did such a bang-up job of clearing off my desk last week.

I've had phone calls from friends from the other side of the country. However, I use the word "friends" lightly as when I lifted the receiver and said "hello" I was greeted with gales of laughter at the plight this poor blooming city was in.

I had my turn laughed at them when I found out they were under 4 feet of snow and counting. Makes our weather sound paltry.

But I blather .....

There really isn't much else to tell today. I will be heading home shortly to catch up on some last minute Christmas crafting, and some package wrapping, and maybe a hot cup of cocoa or two.

If your weather is inclement then you have my permission to stay home and stay safe.

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linds said...

LOVED this entry, LJ!! :) Especially when you referred to the snow as all different types of blankets! Haha! That was great and oh so clever. Hope you are surviving all the snow on the west coast. From what I hear, there is a lot. I think you might have the same amount that we do! Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! xo