Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

But the fire is so delightful .... if only we had a cord of wood this winter.

Winter has hit Victoria. For some that will bring a shoulder shrug and a so-what. For some that will bring gails of laughter. For "Pirate" our young cat, it brought a whole new wonderland of play, but that's another story.

I moved to Victoria to escape winter, and for the most part - we do. However, it has become a trend of the last several years to have a minimum of 1 semi-major snow (2-4 inches) - and I pray this one is it. They say the temperature is -5 Celsius (23 degrees for my American friends), but the wind-chill factor makes it 'feel' like -15 C (5 degrees Fahrenheit). Bloody cold if you ask me!

I am amongst the few who do not care for a 'white Christmas', except for the Bing Crosby version on DVD. I prefer to look out my window on Christmas morning and see green grass and sunshine. I have come to firmly believe that Canada needs to acquire Hawaii as a new providence, and my residence. Failing that - I will remain in God's best kept Canadian secret - Vancouver Island.

But I digress .....

The inclement weather forced me to stay home and craft. A hardship, I assure you. A hardship I gladly bare - for you the occasional recipients of my labours of love.

And on that note I send you off on this cold, chilly Monday morning, and wish you safe journey's no matter the weather in your particular part of the world.


linds said...

-15 doesn't beat our -39! I can see why you wanted to move away from Alberta! Haha! :P I loved your line about the only White Christmas you need is on the Bing Crosby CD!!

OHHHHHHHH....I got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday and I love it! It is so beautifully done, once again. I love the little beam of little shining done and the fuzz on the sheep. So adorable. Well done, LJ! Thank you for thinking of me this Christmas season. I hope your enjoy your "snow days" and that you get to spend lots of good quality time with T.

Big hugs to you!!!

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

I know, I can't believe how much you've been walloped with snow! And it's been going on for quite some time now...

Stay warm and cozy. As you said, stay home and craft! :)