Friday, March 20, 2009

Addictions and me

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slightly "addiction prone" personality? The object of my addictions sways and varies with the seasons, but I'm generally addicted to something for periods of time.

Don't be to concerned, as its not drugs or booze or something life threatening. No, its generally something small and relatively harmless - like knitting, a particular video game, reading, sudoku ... you know .... completely harmless.

Recently I've taken much comfort from something I have on my personalized Google homepage. I call him Shaun, and he's a sheep.

Shaun never complains, and is quite happy to graze in his 3x3 inch plot of cyber pasture. He comes with a couple of extra 'tools' of clover or hay, that I can feed him. And if you click your mouse over his wee happy head he bleats, or sometimes he closes his eye's and little hearts float up from his head.

I find spending time with Shaun can be very relaxing. This week in particular Shaun has calmed the chaos that has unfolded around here. Work was very fractured, which is more than I can say for the 16" municipal water main that exploded at the top of our street. The ensuing mini-sunami (above and below ground) sent many pounds of water under pressure into the sewer lines and up into basements several homes on this street - including the church where I work. You would not believe the domino affect of things that occur when something like this happens. We've had more trades people and municipality people through the portals of this building than I've ever seen on any given Sunday.

Thankfully, our little house next door was not affected due to us not having a basement.

So you see, dear friends, what kind of zen moment Shaun the sheep has been able to give me in the midst of it all. Thank you Google.


cardiogirl said...

I believe I need a Shaun in my life. How does one add Shaun to one's Google page, if one were so inclined?

Carolyn said...

Your note made me laugh. I get those questions a lot. We live in a valley, where the temperatures are warmer than in the mountains. We have one ski resort 60 miles east of us and one 60 miles south of us. The one south of us is the BIG MONEY PEOPLE resort. Also, I'm a die hard Montanan, so I wore shorts and a tank top even though the temp was in the low 60's. By the time the temps are in the 8's, I'm whining that it's too hot!

linds said...

I love the sheep! Very cute. :) How was your birthday?? I hope you had a very happy day, you deserved it! How is your neighbourhood doing after the aftermath of all that water??

The Renegade Librarian said...

Brilliant. Laugh of the day, for sure.