Monday, March 9, 2009

Rants R Us

I have been lapse in writing for fear of it turning into a rant. Unfortunately - the weather has forced me to vent my frustration somewhere. No one at work wants to hear about it!

It's March and we've just got hit with a pseudo blizzard. I say 'pseudo' because if you live ANYWHERE else but Victoria you'd call it a light, late powdering. But here in Victoria .... it was a minor blizzard - accidents galore, children being kept home from school, and church employees who would rather be at home curled up on their couches (reading a really good book I can't seem to put down)

And I dislike it intensley!!! The snow that is.

Snow during any part of the winter is wrong, but big flaky white stuff in March is wrong on so many levels. This is what we woke up to this morning, and it only just slowed down at lunch time. Combine that with the wind - and you'd think we were living in Alberta! Or anywhere else except the paradise of West Coast Canada.

My second rant for one posting is ..... the time change from this past weekend. Why oh why do we have to change our clocks and hour forward in the spring, and an hour backward in the fall. We (Canada) are only a small hand-full of countries in the world that follows "Day Light Savings Time", and it screws me up every change. Energy saving ... my butt!

Nuf said!


Carolyn said...

We had been having lovely weather in late February. Now we have snow, snow, snow. Stupid snow. The temperatures have dropped's -6 right now. Stupid below zero temperatures!
The time change doesn't really bother me too much. I like having sunlight later in the evening. I meet with my therapist from 5-6pm. Yesterday was the first time I've left there in daylight. It was a YAY moment.

linds said...

We are having terrible weather here too! It is SO cold, like -39 with the wind chill cold. Oh, it looks sunny and nice out but it is all lies! :P And I totally agree with you about the time change. My internal clock and body are all messed up!

Cloudy said...

Yes, it has been NUTS! I do recall a blizzard last April, so I am hoping the snow is finally done with for this year. Come on SUN!