Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Again With the Strange Dreams

I'm not sure whether to start with the end and work backwards, or from the beginning and think linear ...

So .... I dreamed that my in-laws were visiting overnight for a couple of nights, and as they are prone to, they get bored with just hanging out when Hubby and I are off at work. So the first afternoon I return home post my work day I come into my living room to find that they (the in-laws) have taken upon themselves to prune my lovely, large fig tree. Which normally wouldn't be all that much of a problem as most growing things need a little pruning once in a while. But in this instance they had cut out all the lush new growth that had been coming on, and what was left was just the older leggy leaves and limbs.

I wasn't happy, but didn't say anything.

The following day that I came home after work (still in the same dream) the out-laws had gone off looking for something to do again and had stripped my lovely, now less than lush fig tree of EVERY LAST LEAF!! It was completely bare. It looked like a forlorn old oak tree in the middle of winter.

I was devastated and just about to ban the raisins from every visiting us again when I woke up. Lucky for them.

Now the reason I wasn't sure where to begin in the story was that, if you've read any of my older entries, you may have come across an entry I wrote about my Mom-In-Law staying with us for a week around about a year ago. Naturally, she got bored with staying at the house all alone all day. After a couple of days she decided to 'help' around the house. And for whatever reason, known only to her, she decided to take my clothes hamper and re-fold all my clean clothes. I might add that this meant she needed to go into our bedroom to find said hamper and clothes.

This did NOT sit well with me, but I took it in grace and thanked her.

A couple of days later, after I had put away all the clean clothes, I had refilled the hamper with my next load of dirty clothes, but had left it on our bed to remind me to do that laundry that evening.

When I came home from work at lunch I find that she'd once again decided to "help" around the house and had neatly folded all my dirty laundry.

That was the straw that broke the camels back, so-to-speak. I was furious, but with guarded tongue I expressed my displeasure and told her that she need not fold my dirty laundry - EVER AGAIN!

It really rankled me that she would go into our bedroom, let alone the fact that she folded any of my clothes - dirty or clean.

So - - - when I had the above mentioned dream the other night, my memory went back a year in time to the laundry folding event.

I'm sure there is a secret message in it all - the dream I mean, and I'll have to ponder it.

On a side note: the In-laws have flown off to England for a month to visit friends. They left yesterday, and I can't help if the two events - dream and flight - are not somehow related. What do you think?

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