Friday, May 7, 2010

Ta Dahhhhhh!

Finally - they've arrived.


What do you think of my choices??? Tell me the truth. I can take it.


Poolie said...

God! Look at those blues!

Lin said...

Oh, I LIKE THEM!!! Nice choice. I think the top ones are sporty and classic, while the bottom ones are funky and fun! Cool how you got 2 pairs to mix it up. You did good picking those out. :)

Good Timing said...

Those are both great pairs! My faves are the bottom pair! :)

LJ said...

Poolie: shucks-gee you make me blush.

Lin: That's exactly what I was thinking when I found them - one classy and one for fun.

GT: Yes, I told the girlfriend who was with me when I picked them out that they were the pair I would wear to her house when we crafted together.

Purple Cow said...

Yeah, I like the bottom ones more, too. They make you look more sophisticated. Lovely blue eyes, too!

Take care.

cardiogirl said...

Man those are awesome! Gotta say I like both of them for different reasons. The top pair are cool in a classic, understated way, but the bottom pair are cool in an off-beat, artistic way.

I like that you can work the different personalities.

And as everyone else mentioned you have beautiful blue eyes. That's the first thing I noticed in these pictures.

Man, it never occurred to me to have two pairs to switch it up based on my mood. I want to do that now.