Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hummingbird Watch 2010

By my estimation the babies are 1 week old now. It is so amazing to watch them grow. The appear to be a little smaller than my thumb now, and they are having a tougher time both fitting into the nest together. They're very frigidity.

The above picture I caught this morning. You can just see there two little heads poking up.

This picture I took last night just as I was leaving from work. This is proud Pappa feeding his wee ones. Doesn't he look gorgeous! I realize this isn't a great picture, but its been very breezy lately and its hard to get a shot in before the branches move.

They just look like they're looking for trouble. Don't you think?

I suppose I could make this wordless Wednesday, and to be sure - watching these birds has made me speechless.


Purple Cow said...

They seem like such a good omen. Beautiful birds. I feel like I'm watching them grow with you. Send them my love.

Poolie said...

Oh oh oh oh oh!