Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Pirate Story

Are you tired of hearing about silly little Pirate kittens? That’s too bad, ‘cause I got another one.

Pirate must be part water rat – he just can’t get enough of playing in it. So much so that in all the “how to discipline your kitten” books they always recommend using a spray water bottle to deter them from whatever deviousness they get into - - he pretty much begs to be sprayed. It makes no disciplinary impact on him what-so-ever.

I digress ….

Last night I thought I would draw myself a bath. So I started said bath – with a furry onlooker of course, and wandered off to tell the hubby what I was doing. It had momentarily crossed my mind that I should check in on monster rate – just in case he might ‘inadvertently’ fall in and potentially drown. I went back down to the bathroom, and it was obvious that immanent dunking was mere minutes away. Pirate was precariously perched on top of the faucet filling the tub.

I giggled, and backed out slowly to get the hubby for this photo-op, but no sooner had I called down the hall then a large “splooooosh” occurred in the tub.

At this I laughed heartily and loudly, and ran over to Pirate to rescue him from the depths of his misadventures. He had a very startled look on his soaking wet face. Scooping him out and cuddling him too me I grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around him. His repetitive tiny sneezes sent another ripple of giggles through both the hubby and I. TOOOOOO CUTE!!

Curiosity did NOT kill this cat. I had my bath, and he sat on the side of the tub alternating between cleaning himself and watching the water.

Silly Pirate.


Carolyn said...

Too cute! Our cat loves water too. She tries to get into the bath or shower with us. She loves to sleep in the bathroom sink. When we spray her with the water bottle when she's naughty, she just moves around like she's saying "here, get this spot too!"

linds said...

Haha, I love that story. That is so funny. I love the drowned pics of him. He looks so helpless. I wonder if he will want to take a bath anytime soon again?? :P

craige said...

Hi. I just saw your comment on my site when I was cleaning up spam. I guess my email junked it. Anyway, now I can't remember how I came across you. But a good guess would be via Sidewaysrain. Could that be it? Also, this cat is way too cute.