Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Post Anniversary, Post Dentist Post

Our anniversary turned out to be a kind of non-event. By the time that Friday evenings roll around we’re both wiped out. We had talked about going out to a nice dinner, maybe even the restaurant that T took me to the night he proposed. But when he got home from work on Friday neither one of us had the energy to get all dolled up for each other. What does that say about out relationship?

We did, however, still go out for dinner – just not as fancy as we had originally planned. Funny thing though – both hubby and I had our taste buds all wrapped around “Prime Rib Night” at our not-so-fancy Anniversary meal restaurant, but once we sat down and began to look over the menu – we both ended up being a fish & chips kinda couple.

I am a little disappointed in one teensy, little area of our anniversary. And I recognize that this is a bit of a pity party of one – but it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want too!

My husband didn’t buy me flowers. I don’t think it even crossed his mind.

For some reason, this didn’t / doesn’t / hasn’t sat will with me. What a terrible, selfish woman I am. Please forgive this petty heart.

Pity Party Over.

Back to reality and regular life on the planet.

I was back at the dentist today. Yippy! (sarcasm dripping, just a second while I get a napkin) He had to fix the same tooth he worked on just a couple of weeks ago, and he give me the news that I need a root canal on another tooth. I’ve never had a root canal, but the whole name of it sends chills up my spine. Even when the cute spin doctor tries to candy coat (no pun intended) the situation. He even showed me someone else’s x-rays, to explain the procedure and how ‘eeezeee’ the hour and a half event would be.

Who’s he kidding??? EEEEZEEE for WHO???

The big question for me now is – when should I plan this toothy happening?? During my holidays in October??? Or during a regular workday so I can take the day off and drown my painful sorrows on the sofa??

Ya know …. This is just more proof as to why God chose not to give us children. I can barely stand my own whining let alone any children and a husbands.

I know, I know – I gotta get over myself!

Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.


linds said...

Happy Anniversary! I am sorry that it was not more eventful or you. And I would send you flowers or pick some for you if I lived near! Big HUG! xoxo

Carolyn said...

:0( I'm sorry he didn't get you flowers.

Don't worry too much about the root canal. I had one several years ago and it was HORRIBLY painful. Then I had another a few years ago and it was less painful than a regular teeth cleaning. Technology has really improved in the root canal area. I actually left the dentist and went back to work. Good luck with yours!