Friday, September 14, 2007

An entry NOT involving a cat - REALLY

Today – September 14th – is my hubby and me’s 5th wedding anniversary. I am blessed.

It hasn’t been easy, and this last year has been particularly difficult – at least for me. I’ve struggled with expectations, and often wondered … where is this all leading. But, I wouldn’t trade hubby in for anything. Next to God – T is the love of my life.

I look back at five years and also wonder where is all went. It’s happened so fast. It seems like I was just living in romance la-la land and planning the wedding. I blinked and woke up five years later, and all connubialed!

This morning my husband presented me with a little gift of a pewter heart on a necklace with matching earrings, all to be kept together (when not being worn) in a little pewter heart shaped box. Very sweet. And a very lovely heart-felt Hallmark card, that says so much.

I presented him with a homemade card (can’t get away with anything less) and a Chimenea. He likes to burn things, and like to sit outside. The odd dilemma in this choice of gift is that in the municipality that we live in you are not allowed make use of these items in your yards. However, the Fire department turns a blind eye to the whole thing. So frankly, I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to use it – but I sure like the thought of trying. (I’m a true misfit at heart).

Speaking of homemade cards …. Ahem …… Earlier this summer I participated in the blogging worlds (ok – actually just a small universe inside the larger realm) “Great Summer Give Away”, and I offered up 6 of my homemade cards. Last Friday, if you recall, alluded to the fact that I was finally going to mail off my creation to the winner.

Today I received an email from Laura to say that she’d received my cards and had posted them on her site. I had forgotten to take pictures of them before I mailed them off, so I was pleasantly visually pleased to see them again. I hope that she will put them to good use.

Now …. I have to get my untalented butt back into crafting mode as I have 6 more cards to send off to My Ms Violet. I promised her some prezzies shortly after the summer give-away. Thankfully – the fall always brings out the homebody crafting person in me – so it shouldn’t take long.

Anyway kids – don’t except candy from strangers and don’t eat yellow snow. There is my advice for you for a Friday! Go have some fun!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary LJ & Hubby!!

Good advice on the yellow snow! lol

ricky said...

Happy Anniversary!


Ricky said...

Oh.. Juicy Fruit :)