Monday, July 21, 2008

A Disgusting Thing Happened at the Office this Morning

I have never been one to do breakfast in the morning. The thought of eating within the first few hours after waking is not a pleasurable though. However, in the efforts to keep 'better health' in mind I have begun to bring a bowl of dry cereal with me with plans to consume it once I was ready. This morning was not exception.

We have had an over abundance of dairy products in the fridges lately. There coffee pot is always on, so there is always cream for it. We do a "Cafe" on Sunday evenings, after the service, and serve latte's and the like. But lately our purchasing of milk has been greater than the need.

I picked out of the fridge a container of 2% milk that had not been opened yet, but the expiration date was just today. Without thought, and without testing the waters I went directly to pouring it on my lovely fresh bought cereal.

The ensuing glug, blurb, bubbling, milky sludge that ozzed from the carton onto my cereal was enough to put me of EVER eating breakfast again - EVER!

I did not gag, but simply mashed the rest of the soured milk down the drain, and made my way to the box of fresh donuts. The breakfast of champions!!!


Violet said...

Bleagh! I am glad you discovered that before drinking any.

Carolyn said...

Oh, that's just awful! I'm not a breakfast person either. As a child, I was (of course) made to eat a good breakfast before school. I thought it was normal to feel nauseated for the first few hours of the day. When I grew up and got my own place, I stopped eating so early. I need to be awake for at least 3 hours before I can even THINK about eating. My normal breakfast is a hardboiled egg and a yogurt, that I bring to work with me.