Thursday, July 10, 2008

State of Mind

As I laid in bed last night with the usual babbling brook of thoughts running through my brain, that I had not been "present" when I posted yesterday's .... giggle. For anyone who may wander by this site (and this is a true test to see how many readers I actually have) you might have noticed a small mis-step in my titling and post from yesterday.

Can you see the discrepancy?

Just put it down to a snoozey, summer state of mind.

I promise to be more alert when next I post.


Jungle Pop said...

I just decided not to watch it until Friday. And here it is, 12:26am. Just in time.


linds said...

You were just wishing it was Friday already! And the video doensn't work for me! :( It says it is no longer available. Boo hoo! Nice chatting with you the other day!