Friday, July 25, 2008

Renovations of the heart

They say that a family/marriage that survives renovations can survive anything. But what about your workplace?

We are in the middle of re-carpeting the entire church, upstairs and down, inside and .... well Ok maybe not 'out', so for the last week I've been living in complete and utter chaos! We have to move EVERYTHING off the floor, absolutely everything. Every bookshelf, every desk, chair, garbage bin .... etc. Then the carpet layers move and begin the demolition of old carpet.

It's disgusting (just like my spoiled milk from earlier this week)! The dust that is created from pulling up the old carpeting is positively gross - and every where. I go home after work and all I can smell is the dirt. I won't even describe what happens when I blow my nose.

Once the carpet is all up the glue goes down. A veritable assault on the olfactories. At least it gives a better 'buzz' than the dust does.

That, accompanied by all the extra bodies is very overwhelming for my introverted little soul. I function best in peace and quiet. It's very safe to say that I have not accomplished a heck of a lot this week. I'm thankful its summer and generally a little quieter around here anyway.

The carpeting guys are very nice, and are very appreciative of us plying them with coffee and donuts. These trades people have wicked senses of humour!

We have several thousand feet of carpets around here, so I'm girding my loins for another two weeks of this. Next week - if I survive until Friday - will be a mass move out of the office area. And, I might add, most of the staff are on holidays. How fair is that!

I think I'm going to call in sick that day!

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linds said...

Just popping in to say hello and see if all those renovations are done or not!? Hope all is going well. :)