Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Have the Week Off .......

….. from my husband.

No, we haven’t had a fight or anything. I promise. If you’ve been reading me long enough you’ll have read that I took a trip back to Ontario without him in June. Now it’s his turn. He’s on a solo motorcycle trip to anywhere he pleases within a week. He left yesterday (9am ferry) and made his way to Kelowna, B.C. Today (Tuesday) his plans are to travel from Kelowna on down through Idaho with hopes of making it to Northern Montana.

I plan to enjoy having the house to myself – for the first time in our almost six years of marriage. I’ve traveled on weekends and such without him, but this is the first time he’s taken time away by himself. I’m tremendously supportive of this as I believe he needed to do it.

And to be honest – I really really really want our big queen size bed all to myself!

That said – I didn’t do that well with it last night. You’d have thought that since I’d never had to share a bed until I got married, that my visceral reaction would be to slunk down in and enjoy the space. But NOOOOO… I woke up all sore and out of whack. I think I must have over extended my sprawl and sprained myself. It was very hard to get up this morning.

I have only 5 more nights with which to luxuriate in the pleasure and then it will be back to sharing the bed – me: 1/3, him: 2/3, and the cats any remain spot they can find. Which translates to me desperately clinging to the side, one cat on top of my pillow, one cat between hubby’s feet, and hubby peacefully sprawled out and snoring.

Tonight!!! I’m gonna sleep good!!! Dern It!

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linds said...

Have fun on your little mini vacation at your house with the bed to yourself. :) Sleeping by yourself just isn't the same, is it?