Friday, August 15, 2008

Things I've Noticed While the Husband is Out of Town

- I've only JUST gone through one roll of toilet paper (usually its one a day)
- I haven't eaten as much, and feel better for it
- The dishwasher barely has any dirty dishes in it
- The kitchen garbage is only half full, and is not ripped from trying to be overstuffed
- I can find more 'cool' spots in the bed
- The bathroom stayed cleaner
- I'm ready for work even earlier
- I go to bed even earlier
- The evenings seem so much longer
- The bed is too big
- And my day is missing something

Lord willing - one more night and that all changes back.


Jungle Pop said...

You're lying. Everyone knows that women use three times the toilet paper men do.


rebeckajane said...

Hey LJ...I'm leaving diaryland, new journal is xo