Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Tweety Bird, Just a Twit

Ok, do any of you use "Twitter"? Can you explain it too me?

On a side note: Boy grunge band is at it again tonight. They're louder than the TV in my livingroom. I'm contemplating drinking for a living.

Post-Script - The boy band had a little visit from boys in blue shortly after my posting the above. Actually it was a lovely lady cop. Someone (not me) in the neighbourhood called it in, and the lady cop was in total agreement that the allowable levels had been vastly exceeded. They've been given a warning, and if it happens again there will be an accompanying fine of $100. Supposedly the reason for their nightly jamming is a gig this weekend. No one can argue that they really do need the practice - especially the lead vocals. He was doing an excellent rendition of the demons from hell bursting forth from the belly of the earth.


Madwag said...

yes... create an account and look for us... I am madwag btw... cloudy is my mate... ask her for her twitter ID

Jungle Pop said...

Think of Twitter as a "micro-blog." You can write a post or update (referred to as a 'tweet') that is 140 characters or less. You can post tweets from your Twitter page, from a Firefox extension like TwitterFox or Twitter Bar, from a separate program like Twhirl, or even from your cellphone.

People who are "following" you on Twitter will get these tweets via their own Twitter page or through a Twitter client such as TwitterFox or Twhirl. They also might get your updates directly to their cellphone, as I do with many of the people I follow on Twitter.

You can also sync Twitter with Facebook, so that any tweet you send becomes your latest status update.

All in all, Twitter is mildly interesting and useful. I like it.

linds said...

I laughed at your entries about the boy bands, but also felt bad for you as well. Maybe they won't make the next Canadian idol huh?? Thank you so much for the lovely note you left me this morning it made me smile and did really make me feel loved. So thank you. :)

p.s. No twittering on my front. [Unless it is me babbling away]

cloudy said...

Twitter = another internet thing. Did you join? I hope so! Let me know & I will add you...