Friday, August 1, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened ....

...... on the way home last weekend.

Our old BBQ gave out on us last week, and due to some keen financing we felt it prudent and timely to purchase a new one. We deserved it, and we’re worth it!! So after looking online and at scads of newspaper flyers we trundled off to H*me Dep*t to take a gander at their BBQ goods. We found the one we wanted. And we felt just a little like kids in the candy store who’ve found an extra buck and could buy the extra big bag of candy. We did a serious upgrade from our previous BBQ. But again – we convinced ourselves that we deserved it, and it wasn’t break the bank by any means.

Hubby carefully measured the box that we thought the BBQ was from (one on the shelf) and went outside to make sure we could fit the box into the trunk of our car.

He came back in and felt we could do it without too much trouble. And we wheeled the largish box with our brand new BBQ on a dolly out to the car.

The darn box was NOT going to fit. Hubby had measure the wrong box to begin with. What were we going to do?

A number of ideas were bounced around, and I won’t bore you with the details, but I will share with you the end result. Even now I stand in amaze at the end result, and am still wondering how the heck it happened.

How did we (read “I”) get that new BBQ home? Well …. You may ask …. I pushed it.

Yes – you read that correctly – I pushed it the mile back to our house using the H*me Dep*t dolly.

I still don’t know how it happened, but my hubby talked ME into being the one to push it home. Could HE have pushed it home? Why, of course he could have. Could I have driven the car home while he pushed the dolly? Why, yes he could have. Did his name come up at all during his brilliant idea of how to get the box home? Strangely – no – it did not.

My walk/push home gave me lots of time to consider what exactly had gone down. It was also a good time to reflect on how I was going to let loose my …. volcano of emotion. Did I mention that a large portion of this mile was a slow, but steady up hill grade?

I was in a fine state when I exhaustedly arrived on our driveway. But I did get it home and with limited happenstance. And I even got home before the hubby, mostly because he stopped at another store to purchase a new man size toy he had his eye on. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he rushed into our kitchen and opened up a beer for me – I may very well have been a widow today.

The BBQ is all built and established on our back. We have already enjoyed a number of delicious meals. But I will never forget the fateful Saturday my metal was tested! (and neither will I let hubby forget either)


Laura-Jane said...

Lol, I can picture the entire route!!

Carolyn said...

This entry made me laugh out loud. I can just imagine how each step caused you to get even more irritated than the step before!

We met a woman from Canada at our campground and I was convince she was you. I was trying to think of a tactful (read: not crazy) way to say "Are you Mugwhump?" Finally I thought to ask her what she did for a living. That ended it. BUT, for a few minutes I was so sure she was you! If you and husband every make the trek to SW Montana for some camping, be sure to let me know and we'll meet up!

cloudy said...

Great post!

and the 8 ball is pretty good, because here is one more reader anyway...

Violet said...

No WAY! That is hilarious. And, you know... sorry you had to push it all the way home.

Madwag said...

superb! I know a couple that pushed a whole bathroom suite home on one of those.... they didn't have a car.