Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Ethical Conundrum (I think)

I'm in a conundrum ....

There is a paper crafting tool that I want to purchase, and its not cheap. There is a supplier up island that is expecting the product in any day now, but it will cost $370.00 (Cdn) plus tax.

Just last night I found an American website with the same product on sale for $199.00 (US) plus tax and shipping (and duty -I think).

I'm huge on supporting local business, but we're talking about a $100 (give or take) savings for me to purchase this online.

What should I do??

The sale is only good for this month, and depends on supply, so I cannot delay this purchase much longer. Am I risking too much to purchase something as expense as this online??? What to do ...


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rebeckajane said...

I think if it is a reputable dealer then go for it if you are going to save that much. I have not purchased many things online but the ones I have, both here and in the States, I have not had any problems with receiving the product.

My sister often buys things from America and it's sent to Aus quickly. My brother often buys things from Ebay and he does not have any problems.

Just check into them a lil and go for it if it all comes up good! x