Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Official - Fall is Here!

And I don't mean because the calendar says so.

I know the fall has arrived because I had to turn to furnace on this morning when I got up. The house was C H I L L Y! THAT's when I know that fall has arrived.

Autumn used to be my favourite season. But over the last several years my preferences have changed, and I'm all about sunny days and warm evenings for lounging on the back deck. When its dark by 7pm then its no longer fun to 'lounge' on the back deck.

The one great this about 'this' fall is going away on holidays next month. I'm sure your all sick of hearing about it, but we are both so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. Eighteen more sleeps and one overnight plane ride and it's Disney World, Florida is ours for 12 nights! And .... Lord willing .... warm weather and no hurricane's.

I'm gonna see me some Mickey, some gators, some fun rides, and maybe the Atlantic Ocean.

What more could one Mugwhump ask for?


linds said...

I don't mind the fall weather at all really. I like wearing sweaters and the crispness of the air. What I really dislike is the shorter days. I don't like getting up in the dark and then coming home in the dark. Booo! Luckily, it doesn't last. ;) You are going to have such a great time on your trip! I want to come too! lol.

Violet said...

Maybe a pair of mouse ears with MUGWHUMP written out in script... but that's about all. Happy Fall to you! I hope it's a lovely one.


LJ Ducharme said...

Brilliant idea! I may just have to do that for posterity! Gotta get me some!