Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on Dilemma

I did it! I ordered it Online?

I'm not sure (yet) when my new toy will be here, but its coming none-the-less.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to say to the lady from the store up island, IF she ever calls me back, but I deal with that the day that happens.

A few of you responded to my pleas from the horns of a dilemma, and I thank you for your words and suggestions.

For anyone who knows me at all, knows that my hobby is paper crafts and specifically making my own cards. This little beauty, the Quickutz Silhouette will open up even more possibilities of creativity. It plugs into my laptop and I can download, cut any shape, graphic, or font I want. (Unfortunately for my Mac using friends - its not compatible with a Mac. Teehee!).

I'm very excited!

The hubby may be a hobby-widow when the package arrives, but to be honest I think he's more excited that I am. Really! Well ... not as excited as when he gets his "Model Railroader" magazine in the mail. But that's an entry for another day.

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